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California Death Valley Road Trip
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.06 - 05:43:53
Ranges: North America Ranges / Great Basin Ranges
  (21 days)
Participants: Betsy Waddington, Robin Tivy
This is a road trip that started in Vancouver BC, and went in a giant loop through eastern Oregon, Nevada, California and around the south end of the Sierras and up to Oakland.
I'm hoping that reports such as this give you some ideas of things you might want to see or do if you are doing a road trip in this area. So I'll try and give enough landmarks that you can follow along on the map and know where I'm talking about. Also I'll give you some useful tips as to some of the campgrounds and attractions you might visit. Here is my general plan for collecting information on such trips. See Road Trip Planning and Report Writeup

Navigation: We navigated using paper road maps of each state. So we had a Washington, Oregon, Nevada and California. We also bought the National Geographic "Trails Illustrated" Paper map of Death Valley. When driving we used the OSMAnd GPS App running on Betsy's Samsung Galaxy S9. OSMand is definitely worth knowing about, see Osmand (Open Street Maps for Android) for details. It allows you to download entire provinces and states in compact vector format, which is what you want for the driving part of the trip. OSMAnd isn't as good as Backcountry Navigator (BCN) once you start hiking.

Trip Report Waypoints: I prepared the waypoints after the trip. I used GMap "Draw and Save" and along the highways. It seems that looking at the map with a scale bar of 1 km is as detailed as you'd want. To make it easy to edit the waypoints for key features, I typically labelled every 10th waypoint, usually each significant town, or highway junction.

I wish I had also taken a few more notes in my black book as we drove. And also wish I had made a list of nearby peaks that we would see as we drove. Or had a gpx file with all the big peaks that I could load into OsmAnd. One thing I learned on the trip was that there is a well known list of desert peaks (DPS Peaks List) first started by the Sierra...

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