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Edziza Ski Traverse - Bukley Lake to Arctic Lake
Timestamp Free: 2019.12.13 - 09:27:26
Ranges: North America Ranges / BC Interior Mountains / Tahltan Highland
  (12 days)     Elevation Gain: 12600m
Participants: Betsy Waddington, Dave Williams, Denise Hart, Peter Celliers
Difficulty: 3: Mostly ski touring in alpine, some steeper slopes, some bush in Raspberry Creek.
We were dropped off at Buckley Lake in no snow, hiked to snow, then skied, often across meadow, to Arctic Lake where we were picked up.
As spring approached, Dave studied maps and came up with the idea of skiing the Edziza Range from Buckley Lake to Arctic Lake. This is a spectacular volcanic area in northwestern BC. The landscape has been formed by volcanic eruptions and lava flows over the last 7 million years, with the youngest cinder cones less than 700 years old. This makes for some brightly coloured ridges and moraines, and little cinder cones dotting the landscape. We initially thought we would be able to sled from Buckley Lake, although once we realized it was only 2700 ft. elevation we knew we might be carrying everything for a little while.

After 2 days of driving we arrived in Dease Lake early afternoon on April 29th, sorted and packed our gear, then hopped into the helicopter for the short flight out to Buckley Lake. We were dropped in a swamp at the edge of the lake in the late afternoon, not perhaps the most auspicious start. Several of us got our feet wet unloading the helicopter. The first order of business was to find somewhere dry enough to camp for the first night. We went off in different directions and shortly found a nice dry meadow. [photo]20180429_162742.jpg[caption]Drop off at Buckley Lake[/photo] Once established Dave and I set off on a little excursion to see if we could find a trail. I remembered cairns on the plateau from a summer trip 15 years earlier, and hoped that meant a trail down to the lake. We found the trail only 15 minutes from our camp, so next morning started up carrying heavy packs. Luckily within about an hour there was enough snow on the trail to mostly ski, so we at least got some weight off the packs fairly quickly. We made it up onto the plateau north of Edziza the first night and were able to start using sleds the next morning. The next couple of...

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