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Rain Coming at Rock Lake # 605

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Date: 2001.06.10
Vantage Point: From Rock Lake North Side Trail

Caption: Bad weather was rolling in as we looked westward into Jasper National Park from a rough trail along the north side of Rock Lake. The north end of the Bosche Range is the near set of ridges on the left of the photo, while the rockier peaks in the distance are part of the De Smet Range.

PhotoDescr: On the second day of the 2001 Grant MacEwan Mountain Club Lookout Cookout, eight of us decided to see exactly what the "undeveloped hiking trails" at Rock Lake were like. I hadn't visited the area for more than 20 years. We found the lakeside trail to be partly imaginary and partly overgrown, but on the return we found a much more serviceable trail higher up. Rock Lake is about 3 km long and more than a kilometer wide.

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