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Slalok Mountain Ski Route Photo - Northeast ridge # 17670

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Date: 1900.01.01

Caption: The photo shows the typical route up the Matier Glacier to summit of Slalok (left side). The point on the skyline then straight back down the Stonecrop glacier. Photo by Johannes.

PhotoDescr: The red line in the photo roughly corresponds with the track log in the trip report Slalok Loop via Matier Glacier and Stonecrop Glaciers. To really understand the line, the best GMap is the TRIM map (T4) or T5, which shows the Matier Glacier more clearly.

On the map, you can see that the route starts from Upper Joffre Lake and goes up the east side of the tongue of the Matier Glacier. In the photo, that is the first section of the red line, which is on the left side of the photo, and ends at the left skyline. That point is at 2200m (50.3409,-122.4570), and is the start of the broad expanse of the Matier Glacier. Beyond there, you cannot see the route on the photo but it swings west up the Matier Glacier and eventually gets onto the Northeast ridge of Slalok at 2360m (50.3332,-122.4688). The route then climbs the ridge. (The photo is slightly wrong here, the red line should be on the skyline.)

Finally the red line reaches the summit. From the summit, the route only goes a short distance down the upper east ridge of Slalok, then leaves the ridge and goes directly down the Stonecrop glacier back to the lake.

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