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Copyright Notice #39
    Date first written: 2000.01.01   Review Date:-

1. The original author retains copyright of the original text of articles and photos submitted to (the "Encyclopedia"). Authors are free to submit their original articles to other publications. For example, if you write a great trip report, you can also send it to Canadian Geographic or post it to other websites. However, any future copies must be the authors version of the article, not the version on the Bivouac web server. You cannot authorize third party websites to copy your articles off the Bivouac server.

2. By submitting an article to the encyclopedia you are granting the encyclopedia the right to make permanent use of the article, and to make ongoing changes to fit it into the encyclopedia. You can't submit photos or articles on a temporary basis and then withdraw them later. We often do considerable work editing and indexing the articles, checking waypoints, etc. and only want to expend this effort for permanent articles. Articles should be submitted under your actual name, not a "handle".

3. Third parties are prohibited from copying any article or photo from the Encyclopedia without written permission in advance from both the encyclopedia and the original author. For example, you cannot make copies of trip reports, and then ask for permission after the fact.

4. Copying of trip reports and photos for use on other mountain related websites is prohibited, unless specifically agree to in writing.

5. Copying of mountain data via automated programs such as web crawlers is strictly prohibited, unless specifically agree to in writing.

6. It is up to the author to ensure there is no copyright violation in materials submitted to the Encyclopedia. In other words, don't submit other people's stories or photos without their permission.

7. Neither the encyclopedia nor any of its authors give any guarantee or warranty concerning the accuracy of information in the encyclopedia. Mountaineering can be at times a dangerous activity, even for highly experienced people.

8. The data records for mountains, roads, and trails are a copyrighted collection, as covered by the law on copyrighted collections. We support the standardization of mountain and road names in the mountaineering community. Therefore we encourage guidebook authors or people making their own lists to make use of the individual names found in Bivouac. However, mass copying of a substantial part of the collection is strictly prohibited, unless arrangements are made in writing.

9. Waypoint data associated with roads, trails, rivers, and area boundaries are property of the encyclopedia.

Examples of Prohibited activity:

  1. Running a "robot" program to automatically request data records. Regardless of the fact that Google and Microsoft make copies for search engine indexing purposes, any other copying is prohibited.

  2. Copying collections of trips or photos for any purpose. For example copying a subset of trip reports of a particular author for your own "collection".

  3. Running any "website copy" program against bivouac.

  4. Giving out your password to multiple people.

  5. Parsing data interface files to reconstruct parts of the database.

  6. Copying specific bivouac photos or maps to construct websites to get advertising revenue. ("content farms")