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HBC Sowaqua Campsite #5362
Type: Camp_Car Elevation: 900 m (2953 ft)
Location:   49.33384,-121.12778     49:20:02, -121:07:40   10U 636018 5466254
(23 km E of Hope). (3 km W of Mount Davis).

This is a relatively new campsite, built by Hope Mountain Center, provincial and federal government. It has one nice picnic table, a large parking area, a three sided shelter with historical signs about the history of the trail.

  Water (in stream)
  picnic table
  Bear locker

The Hudsons Bay brigade trail crosses Sowaqua road near hear. The trailhead for the eastbound trail which goes over Mount Davis and down to Jacobson Lake is just 100m down the road. The westbound trailhead, which would take you over Fools Pass and past the north flank of Peers Peak and down to Peers Creek. This is approximately 18.8 km south of the Coquihalla turnoff. The exact lat-long of (49.3352,-121.1300) is estimated. From this parking spot you could either hike westbound or eastbound on the HBC trail. Eastbound is the most common, to reach Mount Davis.

2018.07.17 Robin Tivy - Really fixed up
This campsite is in top shape, with one picnic table, outhouse, bear locker, water and a large parking area. There was nobody there. You could use this as a base if you wanted to climb both Davis and Tulameen. As far as I can remember, the tent sites are fairly close to the road. Not right on the road edge, but probably within sight through the trees. See Trip Report

Trip Reports
64 2018.07.07 Mount Davis via Sowaqua Creek and HBC Trail Robin Tivy