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Upload Photo - to any type of Article # 1155 Back to Directory   Review Date:2017.04.22
Help Category: Photos

Summary: General instructions for uploading photos

These are general instructions for uploading photos to any type of article: trip reports, equipment reviews, discussions, road bulletins, etc. There may also be individual instructions for some of these article types, such as trip reports.

Assuming you already have the photo on your hard disk, start the upload process by clicking on the "Upload Photo" link on your article. This allows you to browse to your photo on your hard disk. Once it is uploaded, our server sizes it automatically, and puts a link to it at the start of your article. You then have to edit your article to move the link to where you want the photo to appear.

You can upload large photos directly from your camera and they will be resized. Small photos will not be automatically resized. See How Photo Resizing Works.

Step by Step instructions

  1. Find the article
     You should now be looking at the normal page that displays the article, with the title at the top, and a small brown link just right of the title that says "Upload Photo".

  2. Click small brown "Upload Photo" link
      This brings up a screen called "Screen #1 - Upload and Delete Images". (The screens are numbered so you can follow these instructions). On the Screen #1 page is a small brown link just to the right of the page title that says "Upload Image"

  3. Click "upload Image"
     Click on the "Upload Image" link on Screen #1. This brings up Screen #2. Click "Choose File" or "Browse" depending on your browser. This allows you to navigate to the file on your hard disk. Click on the photo or filename, depending on your OS. Click on the photo. It should now appear beside the "Choose File" button.

  4. Upload the photo
     Push the "Upload File" button. This will upload the file to our server. You will then be back at screen #1 again, and you will see the name of the file you uploaded in a yellow panel.

    (Behind the scenes, the server has resized your photo automatically, and inserted a link to the photo at the start of your article).

  5. Go back to "Article" page
     From screen #1, click the link labelled "Update Your [Article type]. This displays your article and you will see the photo.

  6. Adjust the position of your photo
     When you bring up the edit form for your bulletin, you now see a link to your photo at the start of your description field. It looks like below:
    [photo]W01.jpg[caption]describe photo here[/photo]

  7. Move the link to the correct place in your article, and update the caption. Then save it.