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Upload from a Smart Phone # 1139 Back to Directory   Review Date:2016.03.22
Help Category: GPS - Upload to Bivouac

Summary: Upload a gpx file from a smart phone GPS app to a bivouac waypoints field

Go to your "Track Manager" on the phone, and find the track you want to upload. The first step is to "export" the track. "Export" means translate from internal format to .gpx format. In Backcountry Navigator, "export" is a menu choice. The resulting .gpx file is put into a folder called "BCNav/out" on your phone. This will be where you find the gpx file when you use "Upload Raw gpx" on your trip report page.

For any given GPS program, such as "Backcountry Navigator", see the instructions under Standard GPS Operations. The exact instructions will be in the table under "Export Gpx File".

  1. Find the track to upload
     On your smart phone GPS program (Eg: Backcountry Navigator), go into the track manager and find the track to upload. For example in Backcountry Navigator, the Folder Icon is the track manager. To "find the track to upload" could be a problem because it is mixed in with any roads and trail tracks you may have uploaded. My solution to this problem is always to leave the name of the track as the default date-time number, and then it sorts at the top of the list.

  2. Click the Export function
     (This will vary according to what app you are using. It should put the file somewhere on the phone. eg: in Backcountry navigator, the file ends up in a folder called bcnav/out. I call this the "Out" folder.

  3. Plug phone into PC
     Plug the phone into the PC using the USB cable. The phone should then show up as a drive letter in your File Manager on the computer. Find the gpx file that you made in the previous step.

  4. Upload Raw Gpx
     On your computer, go to the target trip report and click "Upload raw gpx". This will allow you to browse to the drive letter representing your phone, and then go to the "out" folder and upload a copy of the file.