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David Campbell #9
(Saanich, British Columbia, Canada)  
Donjek Glacier, Kluane 2008
I grew up in Langley, B.C. and have always really had an appreciation for the outdoors. I spent about 10 years in Boy Scouts and through that was first introduced to climbing at the age of 13. From there I started getting interested in mountains and began to explore mountains around the Fraser Valley. Up until I went to university I was unaware that a climbing community existed outside of my friend group and the occasional people we would bump in to. I went to UBC in 1995 and became involved with the Varsity Outdoor Club. At this time I also stumbled across the university collection of Canadian Alpine Journals and maps of the country. These fuelled my interest into more of a passion. I switched programs from engineering and finished a degree in geomorphology. I have come to the realization that Canada has some of the most incredible wilderness and mountains in the world and I now enjoy exploring those wonderful places. I am currently working as a hydrologist for the provincial government and am an active member of the Vancouver Island Section of the Alpine Club of Canada
Trip Reports Insert
36 2010.07.10 Triple Peak - South Ridge
38 2009.10.03 Steamboat Mountain and the Prow
43 2009.09.26 Pogo Mountain East Ridge
49 2009.08.21 Scrambles from the Cliffe Glacier: Harmston, Argus and Red Pillar
34 2009.07.19 Mount Cain West Peak
47 2009.07.18 Stowe Creek Circuit: Springer Peak and Mount H'kusam
41 2009.06.28 Consolation Prize: Albert Edward and Mount Frink
52 2009.05.30 Klitsa Mountain Loop
13 2009.03.21 Ski Week at Lake O'Hara
45 2009.03.07 Mount Myra via Tennant Lake variation
59 2009.02.27 Sleeping Beauty and Mount Raymond, Haida Gwaii
Feature Photos Insert
9 2010.07.25 Warden Peak from Victoria Peak
6 2009.09.26 Comox Glacier and Milla Lake
8 2009.09.26 Argus Mountain: North Side
7 2009.09.26 Argus Mountain: Southwest Ridge
8 2009.09.26 Red Pillar North Side
11 2009.09.26 Steamboat Mountain and Hidden Peak from Pogo
4 2009.08.26 Mount Cain
11 2009.08.26 Mount Schoen and Schoen Lake
6 2009.08.26 Whiltilla Mountain
6 2009.08.26 Mount Abel
12 2009.08.26 Bonanza and Ashwood

Road/Trail Bulletins
5 2009.06.28 Hiked trail en route to Albert Edward Forbidden Plateau Trail
3 2005.08.01 Hiked up trail past Frog Ponds to Glacier Comox Glacier Trail
5 2009.02.27 Hiked along road from Queen Charlotte City Honna FSR
5 2009.02.27 Hiked up Trail from Queen Charlotte City Raymond Trail
5 2008.09.28 Rough shape to Chita Creek Taseko Lake Road Section 3
3 2008.04.20 Snow to Hwy 4 Marion Creek Main
5 2007.10.15 Road in good shape Cameron Main
5 2007.10.15 No snow on trail Judges Route
5 2007.10.15 Decent shape C16.3 Pass Main
5 2007.09.29 Used this on way to Red Pillar Beaver Creek Road
5 2007.09.29 Used this road on way to Red Pillar Somers Road

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Does anyone know if Garibaldi Lake is frozen yet?
Does anyone know of any local (Vancouver) Ortovox clothing dealers?
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