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Jordan Peters #813
(North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)  
Somewhere in Garibaldi Park
I consider myself lucky to live in a part of the world where one can strike out and still feel like an adventurer of sorts, like things are new. We share this distinction with few places on earth and at a time when many would announce its loss. Life in the wilderness of BC is a perpetual childhood. Beware of anyone who believes this place is somehow quanitifiable, or finite -- the sad but beautiful truth is that there is just not enough time in one life.
Trip Reports Insert
51 2005.07.18 Mining for Gems: North Ridge of Dickson Peak
40 2005.06.12 The North Face of Soprano Peak: Things to Do in the Downton During a Snowstorm
33 2005.06.04 The Holly Lake Area in the Eastern Cayoosh
47 2005.04.09 Mount Callaghan from the Squamish River
49 2004.07.25 Mount Mason Area (in the Nahatlatch)
55 2004.07.22 Getting Schooled in the Tchaikazan: Falls River 2004
50 2004.07.15 Revolutions -- Partway Round Downton Creek
35 2004.07.14 Brambles, Buttress, Sky -- The Return to Beyond
45 2004.05.16 Promises to Keep -- Adventures on the East Face of Cirque
41 2003.09.26 Persistence on 8380: The Unraveling of Mysteries on Mount Land
49 2003.08.03 Not Quite Hell: Five Days in the Devils Range of the Valhallas
Feature Photos Insert
17 2006.08.14 Ptarmigan, Lenticulars, Astarte
11 2006.08.11 Howling at the Moon Camp
11 2006.06.25 North Face of Taillefer
7 2005.09.24 Looking Down Stonecrop Face, Slalok Mountain
7 2005.08.22 Duffey Lake Contrasts: Ice and Meadows
6 2005.08.18 Eastern End of the Cataract and Sunrise Glaciers
8 2005.08.18 Sunset over the North Faces of Schultz and Hall
9 2005.08.17 East Faces of Byamee, Vishnu and Shiva - Pantheon Range
7 2005.08.16 The Southeast Ridge of Despair Peak
5 2005.08.16 Bifrost Pass and Southern Pantheon Panorama
3 2005.08.16 Marcus, Merlon, Moon

Road/Trail Bulletins
5 2004.06.29 Drove Road enroute to Mount Mason Mason Creek Road
5 2004.06.29 Used this road enroute to Mount Mason Tincup Creek Road
1 2006.08.24 Bridge Replacement Nesakwatch Creek FSR
7 2006.07.09 Good Shape Hunter Creek Road
3 2006.06.25 Excellent Access Kingdom Lake FSR
3 2005.09.04 Presently Gated Kookipi West Road
3 2005.08.22 4WD non-hc Hurley Silver Mine Road
2 2005.07.19 Driveable to Cabin! Cabin Patched up S12.7 Roxey Creek Road
1 2005.07.14 Leaky Hut, New Bidet Wedgemount Lake Trail
2 2005.06.19 Welcome to the Jungle! VH_8.5 Morris Eastside Spur
1 2005.06.05 2WD, Excellent Shape Downton Branch 2

Equipment Reviews Insert
8 Lowe Alpine Mountain Attack 30 Hyperlite
5 MEC/Serratus Condor Backpack

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