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Steve Grant #75
(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)  

Steve on right, hiking in Switzerland in 1961. Perhaps in the Engelberg

Editor's Note: Steve Grant has been mountaineering since 1973 in the BC Coast Range and Canadian Rockies, and is a well experienced general mountaineer. *

Don't hesitate to email me with any questions.

The photo was an Ectachrome 35mm slide taken in 1961. Scanned in 2007 with Canon Canoscan 9950F at 2400 dpi, and digitally repaired using PhotoStudio 5.5

Some Notable climbs remembered by the editor:

  1. 1981 - Good Hope (Chilko Lake Area)
  2. 1982 - Mount Kennedy
  3. 198? - Mount Assiniboine
  4. 1978 - Lillooet Icecap Traverse
  5. 1982 - First self propelled Pemberton Icecap Traverse
  6. 1980 - 1998 Annual Port Renfrew trip
Trip Reports Insert
23 2019.02.09 Breaking Through Thin Ice on Brohm Lake
42 2018.03.15 McNair Cabin via Lynx and Dakota Ridge
53 2017.07.20 Little White Mountain from Southeast
59 2015.08.11 Mt. Currie via Meadow Route
43 2015.07.30 Hike up Zofia peak (Mount Currie W1)
39 2015.07.23 Whistler Skywalk South and Skywalk North
42 2015.04.22 Horizontal Mountaineering on Garibaldi Lake
33 2010.11.03 Elphinstone From Vancouver - bike and hike
25 2010.10.09 Winter Waypoints through Buckhorn Camp
22 2010.10.07 Winter Waypoints - Taylor Meadows Trail
29 2010.08.14 Mount Geoffrey on Hornby Island, via 4 Dead Aliens
Feature Photos Insert
2 Christmas, 1987 Mt. Marriot BCMC Christmas Trip - SW Face of Marriot
3 Christmas, 1987 Mt. Marriot BCMC Christmas Trip - Base Camp
3 Christmas, 1987 Mt. Marriot BCMC Christmas Trip - Cayoosh from Marriot
2 Christmas, 1986 North Creek Cabin - BCMC Xmas Ski Trip, Slide Alder
3 Christmas, 1986 North Creek Cabin - BCMC Xmas Ski Trip, Fresh Powder
8 2016.04.10 Traversing the Brothers Mountains
7 2016.04.10 View of Hozomeen from camp near Third Brother
10 2016.04.09 Satyr Comma Butterflies in Upper Similkameen
10 2016.04.09 Log Bridge across upper Similkameen River near Kelly Peak
8 2016.04.09 Robin preparing to cross Similkameen River near Cousin
10 2016.03.18 Steep gulley on se side of Lynx Peak (Panther W4)

Road/Trail Bulletins
5 2017.06.01 Road rough and cobbled, not nice for bikes Gordon River Road
1 2020.03.29 Diamond Head road unplowed Diamond Head Road
1 2020.03.14 Rare opportunity Singing Pass Trail
3 2020.01.21 Connector in fine shape, but denial of parking event Windy Joe Shortcut
1 2020.01.21 Impassable deadfalls, dangerous wire snare Windy Joe Trail
3 2019.12.08 Has snow Fat Dog Trail
3 2019.12.08 Skiable Blackwall Peak Road
1 2019.10.23 Helm Creek trail still open Black Tusk Trail
1 2019.10.23 Helm Creek trail still open Garibaldi Lake Trail
3 2019.10.23 Still open Helm Creek Trail
1 2019.10.23 All trails, camping closed Garibaldi Lake Trail

Equipment Reviews Insert
8 LED Headlamps: Retrofit to High Performance
6 Ford Escape Hybrid AWD
4 Climbing Skins Direct Ski Skins, and Making Your Own Skins
2 Aiptek DV4500 Video Camera
1 Canoe/Kayak Carts Gallery
1 Espatwill Pants
1 Digilife DDV-720 Hybrid Still/Video/MP3 Camera
1 Digilife DDV-S670 Hybrid Still/Video/MP3 Camera
Choosing an SOS Device - ACR ResQlink
Garmin eTrex Vista HCx - Swapping Loaded Mapsets
Ibycus Mapsets - for Garmin GPS, by Donation

General Articles Insert
11 Winter Driving (Surviving the Diamond Head Road)
10 A Day at Diamond Head in 2005
3 GPS on Smartphones - Off-line Mapping
2 GPS on SmartPhones - Update
1 Fixing a sticky tent fly
Locating Leaks in Thermarests
Cell Phone Interference with Avalanche Transeivers
Scanning Slides with the Canon 9950F

Discussions Insert
2010 Olympic Closures at Cypress Park
Accuracy of Waypoints and Distances
Backcountry Skiing at Hollyburn Marginalized by Lack of Maintenance Rated #6 in World's Best Climbing Websites
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