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Mitch Sulkers #60
(Whistler, British Columbia, Canada)  
Backyard, December 2006
I grew up within view of the Golden Ears and Mount Baker, and even as a kid, I knew I would go one day to live in the mountains. And so I did, soon after graduating from high school, moving to Whistler in the early seventies in my GT6+ with three inches of ground clearance and British electronics.

Next to the heat of a tiny wood-burning stove in the old SFOC cabin, my buddies and I figured out how to fix our university schedules so the commute wouldn't take us out of the mountains for too many days at a time, and somehow, between skiing and hiking and climbing, we managed to graduate. With an honours degree in History and English, I did what most graduates did--I worked construction for union rates and fat cash in the bank.

Alas, experiences in Asia while trekking and climbing in the Himalaya led to more university and a teacher's certification. Now, I teach English Language Arts and other Humanities courses at Whistler Secondary School, as well as an Outdoor Recreational Leadership Program I've helped design for the district. And I have the pleasure of trekking trails to and from work that others drive hours to enjoy on the weekends.

I continue to enjoy climbing, telemarking, and cross-country skiing in the winter, and climbing, backpacking, mountain-biking, and paddling in the summers. Most often I'm afield with Kevin, Fred, Don, or my wife, Rita.

I continue to play in the mountains. My climbing and interest in all things mountainous has taken me to India, Nepal, Pakistan, and much of western North America.

Rita and I continue to be active in the Whistler ACC Section and are involved in the Whistler Naturalists and Whistler Multisport Clubs as well.

Trip Reports Insert
19 2014.09.01 Sample Routes around Nineteen Mile Creek Trail
14 2005.02.05 Whistler Mountain to Singing Pass (Winter)
35 2005.01.09 A Snow Study: Musical Bumps Near Whistler
21 2005.01.03 Mining the White Gold: Musical Bumps
36 2004.09.25 South Chilcotins, A Short Walk in the
39 2003.12.30 Mt. Rohr Day Ski Tour
43 2003.10.04 Semaphore Lakes - Summer Hiking Trail
36 2003.10.04 North Tenas Two-Pack
37 2003.09.28 Russet Lake: A Fall Getaway
13 2003.02.15 Sproatt - From Callaghan Drainage
36 2002.11.03 Conflict Lake: The Autumn Pilgrimage
Feature Photos Insert
21 2007.03.19 Mount San Gorgonio from Ridge East of Mount Cornell
11 2005.12.11 Phalanx Mountain from the East (South)
6 2005.11.13 Comfort Glades, Disease Ridge, and Singing Pass
9 2005.11.13 Blackcomb Peak: Lower DOA
5 2005.09.05 Brandywine Glacier: Notch Below and View of Brandywine Meadows
8 2005.09.05 Brandywine Meadows in Late Summer
12 2005.03.13 Mount Macbeth from Mount Pattison
10 2005.02.26 Cayoosh Mountain, North Glacier Avalanche
6 2005.02.05 Mount Davidson and Castle Towers from Cowboy Ridge
4 2005.01.18 Cowboy Ridge North
7 2005.01.15 Fitzsimmons Group from Decker Mountain

Road/Trail Bulletins
3 2016.09.16 Summer 2016 ACC-Whistler Project Skywalk North Trail
2 2016.05.23 Good condition to end of FSR Tenas North Branch
2 2016.04.28 Road clear to parking lot Cheakamus Lake Road
5 2015.03.19 Snowfree to Singing Creek Cheakamus Lake Trail
1 2015.03.19 Road clear Cheakamus Lake Road
5 2014.10.02 Information for accessing 19 Mile Trail and Skywalk South and North Nineteen Mile Creek Trail
3 2013.12.10 Significant clearing of the old road... Rethel North
3 2013.12.09 The latest iteration of agreements... Tenquille Lake East Trail
1 2013.10.26 More work today, 131026 Marriott Basin Trail
1 2013.02.20 Update to Paul's Post Rainbow Lake Trail
2 2011.10.02 Some snow cover High Note Trail

Equipment Reviews Insert
3 Marmot ATV Soft Shell sleeping bag
1 MEC Ferrata Ultra Schoeller Pants

General Articles Insert
20 Whistler-Blackcomb Expansion into Flute Bowl: Local Groups Respond
Mistaken Double Post
New Parks Legislation 2003

Discussions Insert
Clarifying how to set Java Map search settings and Prominence Issues
Current Conditions on Harrison West FSR?
Routefinding: Would you ski this line?
Whistler/Blackcomb's "Liftless" Expansion into Flute Bowl