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Mike Peel #57
(Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada)  
Mike Peel has been a member of the BCMC since 1996. He prefers gentle hikes and B2-C3 ski trips but has been known to actually "bag a peak or two". He also likes extended lunch breaks and Tim Horton donuts .Mike says : "I feel we could improve hiking in BC ( and the world ) by reducing our dependency on fossil fuels (and fossil thinkers ) in other words I am a tree hugging ,enviro-wacko with too much spare time and not enough motivation to afford that new SUV". My typical rants include: "Why aren't you using recyclable shopping bags !" or " Get off your fat arse, and walk to the bus stop!" or "The SUV uses more carbon credits than a 747!" and finally, "Skiing downhill is for old farts - go get some telemark equipment, and break trail for a couple of hours!".

Mike's favorite time of year is Ski season ( powder !) and summer vacation.When he's not skiing,hiking or biking he is usually stuck in front of a computer monitor for 10 hours a day. His real dream in life was to be a professional golfer, but when he couldn't break 80 - and the course fees climbed to $40.00 per round - he discovered hiking as a better (read cheaper) form of exercise.

Trip Reports Insert
20 2015.04.07 A ski ascent of Escargot Peak
42 2012.08.12 Canoeing the Fond Du Lac
28 2011.08.14 Porpoise Bay to Clowhom Lake by Canoe
30 2010.09.13 Notes and Photos on Stein Valley Traverse Trail
30 2010.08.10 Stein Valley Traverse - Route Descripton
55 2006.07.23 Pemberton to Lytton: Nine Days on the Stein Traverse
57 2004.04.9 Ski Touring near Mount Currie
40 2004.04.28 An April Weekend Skiing on the Ashlu-Elaho Divide
48 2004.02.01 Skiing near Loch Lomond Lake
35 2003.06.29 Birkenhead Peak
29 2002.08.10 Bushwacking in the Falk Creek area
Feature Photos Insert
9 August 2003 Rainy Mountain (Sunshine Coast)
4 2005.07.22 Stein Lake
5 2005.07.03 Official Shadowfax and Aragorn (from the East)
4 2005.07.02 Mount Taillefer from the Southwest
7 2004.08.08 Rohr Lake and Cayoosh from the East
8 2004.07.24 Pinecone Lake and Little Pinecone Lake from the Northeast
4 2004.07.17 Mt Currie from the Northeast
4 2004.07.17 Saxifrage from the West
9 2004.07.17 Cassiope Peak from the West
4 2004.04.28 Mt Charlie-Charlie
7 2004.04.25 Pykett Peak Twin Summits

Road/Trail Bulletins
7 2017.06.26 Trail in good shape but Bears in area so we'd didn't hike far Ribbon Creek Trail
7 2017.05.23 Trail is in good shape , but can get quite busy Elbow River Trail
2 2016.09.23 Gravel section in good shape Hwy 102
7 2015.04.13 Avoiding the summer crowds: A spring ski to Moraine Lake Moraine Lake Road
10 2015.04.02 Skiied up trail Balu Pass trail
3 2014.09.03 Highway 40 is now open from Highway 1 to Highway 541 AB-40 B2
8 2014.08.31 Well worn and busy trail but worth the hike Prairie View Trail
2 2014.08.18 Washboardy and monotonous but driveable. Bring spare tires and a good jack. Hwy 905
8 2014.06.08 Trail is in good shape, but gets quite busy in the afternoon Badger Bowl Trail (Glenbow Provincial Park)
8 2014.06.07 Road is still closed due to bridge washout Gorge Creek Road
7 2014.04.05 Snow is diminishing, but was trackset on this date. Pocaterra Trail

Equipment Reviews Insert

General Articles Insert
4 Spruce Lake Park plan provokes outrage
1 Colin Wooldridge dies tragically as reported in the February 2008 BCMC Newsletter

Discussions Insert
Government of Alberta planned changes to Castle Area - creation of two new Parks!
Alberta Government to construct 3 new huts in the Castle Wildland Provincial Park.
Alberta Government to spend $60 million repairing flood damaged trails in Kananaskis Country
Bivouac presentation at MEC ( April 12, 7:00 pm )
MEC Election - who to vote for?
Sad to hear that Bill Putnam passed away last December 2014.
Sea to Sky Highway alignment: Possible trailhead impacts - Horseshoe Bay section
Smoke Bluffs Municipal Park: A Concept and Framework for Park Development
The Alberta Government is proposing to protect areas within Bighorn Country
The Alpine Club of Canada announces construction of new Hut ( Mont des Poilus )
Winter Backcountry Forum update