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Martin Berka #555
(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)  
While the mountains surrounding my hometown in Slovakia provided for more than adequate opportunities for any enthusiast, they can hardly compare to the sheer mass and beauty of BC's (and Canada's) landscape. I came to Vancouver in the fall of 1998 to study. I will be taking a job in New Zealand but expect to be be back before the Olympics. Join Mountain Fund and help out if you can.
Trip Reports Insert
55 2003.11.02 Castle Towers in a Day
51 2001.08.05 Alone in Jasper - North Boundary Trail
17 2000.09.22 Mt. Rainier via Disappointment Cleaver
Feature Photos Insert
12 2004.07.10 Marmot Attack
14 2004.06.18 Zoom of Mount McKinley from near Stony Hill Overlook
20 2004.06.18 Mount McKinley from near Stony Hill Overlook
6 2004.06.04 Crater of Mount Rainier
8 2004.06.04 Moon from the Summit of Rainier
4 2003.05.15 Seven Sisters from Hwy 16
20 2003.02.10 Hurricane Ridge and Mount Olympus from Mount Angeles
9 2002.09.23 Crevasses on Emmons Glacier
7 2002.07.10 Whirlwind Peak
7 2002.05.10 View SW from the North summit of Ripsaw
6 2002.05.10 Skiers on Spearhead Traverse

Road/Trail Bulletins
5 2001.08.05 Hiked this as part of North Boundary Trail Middle Snake Indian Trail
5 2001.08.07 Hiked this trail as part of North Boundary trail Upper Snake Indian Trail
5 2001.05.11 Hiked full length as part of N Boundary Trail Twintree Trail
5 2001.08.12 Hiked this trail as part of North Boundary trail Upper Smoky River Trail
3 2005.05.22 Bridge missing at km 8 Texas Creek Road
7 2005.03.13 road driveable to the end High Falls Creek Road (br200)
3 2004.12.30 Good snow conditions Marriott Basin Trail
3 2002.12.18 Snow conditions at W.T. hut Marriott Basin Trail

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