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Dan Carey #547
(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)  
On the summit of Mt. Baker, showing off my hardwear
Grew up in New Hampshire where I learned to love the mountains. Started hiking and skiing, both alpine and cross country, at a young age. Skied cross country competitively from age 12 to 25 until my job got in the way. Spent 13 years in Boston for university and career, then met a Canadian, quit the job, traveled the world for a year, got married and settled in Vancouver. Been here for nine years now and wouldn't think of leaving.

I haven't been as active as I'd like recently due to an injury sustained in a bad fall in 2003. The orthopedic surgeon described the fracture to my tibia as "terrible." The physiotherapist said it wasn't the worst one he'd ever seen, but it was top five.

It's taken a lot longer than I'd expected to regain strength and flexibility -- six months before I could walk without crutches, one year before I could ride a bike, two years before I could hike, two and a half years before I could ski and three years before I could do any serious mountaineering with a heavy pack.

The photo is of me on my first mountaineering trip after the injury, showing off the extra hardware I took to the summit. I get asked a lot if all the screws are still in there. Yes they are, now can you carry the rope?

Trip Reports InsertFeature Photos Insert
3 March 8, 2003 Matier and Joffre from Vantage Peak
5 March 8, 2003 Vantage Col
10 March 1, 2003 Mount Shuksan from Table Mountain
18 2003.03.01 Mount Baker from Table Mountain
14 2003.02.23 Saxifrage Mountain
5 2002.08.11 Slalok Mountain and Matier Icefall
8 2002.08.10 Joffre Peak from Keith's Hut
10 2002.08.10 Mount Matier from part way up Joffre Peak
6 2002.08.10 Joffre Peak - Ascending the Southeast Face Route
4 2002.08.10 Joffre Peak - Col between East and West Summits
6 2002.08.10 Slalok Mountain From Joffre Peak

Road/Trail Bulletins
2 2010.07.04 Not gated, but please check in at mining camp Y33.2 Old Blue Creek FSR
3 2009.10.05 Rough for low clearance 4WD Harrison West - Section 2
3 2008.08.22 Active falling Sloquet FSR
3 2008.05.31 Drivable to 1040m, almost to end H7.8 Cloudburst Spur (Br270)
1 2008.05.31 Snow free to Branch 270 and beyond High Falls Creek Road (br200)

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