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Fred Touche
(North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
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Fred ski touring in the Pantheon Range - April 2003

I've been regularly climbing mountains in southwest British Columbia and western United States since about 1992, and have failed to reach the summit in many attempts. After climbing Mount Rainier in 1995, I decided to try some of the higher peaks on this continent and subsequently climbed McKinley (1996), Aconcagua, Robson (1997), Logan (1998), and Ixta, Orizaba (2001). A notable failure has been Fairweather (1999). Lately I've been concentrating on the local peaks in the southern Coast Mountains and northern Cascades, aside from a yearly two-week ski traverse across one of the many icefields in the Coast Range. In 2004, I completed the Wilderness Navigation Handbook which I would be pleased to send you a copy.

Trip Reports Insert
56 2016.09.04 Ilgachuz Escape
43 2015.12.31 Juliet Creek New Year
51 2014.09.02 Exploring the Itcha Range
55 2013.08.31 The Crown Jewel of Garibaldi Park - Mount Pitt Attempt
43 2013.05.11 Lost Snowshoe on Squeah Mountain
49 2013.02.10 Beating the Gate: Mount Nutt Bushwack Traverse
59 2011.07.30 Hypothermic Bivouac on Osprey Mountain
49 2011.07.02 Meager Hotsprings - Up the Creek Without a Paddle Again
46 2010.08.06 Mount Meager Landslide
59 2009.09.13 Teenagers on Mount Roach
54 2009.08.29 Checking Out Upper Shale Creek Drainage
Feature Photos Insert
6 2017.11.12 Mount Lincoln - Southwest Side
4 2017.10.09 Illal Mountain - South Ridge
4 2017.10.09 Coquihalla Mountain - East Side
4 2017.10.09 Spiral Peak - South Side
5 2017.09.23 Deeks Peak - East Face
5 2017.09.23 Capilano Mountain - Southwest Side
4 2017.09.23 Deeks Peak - West Side
6 2017.09.23 Mount Windsor - Northwest Side
6 2017.08.20 Strawberry Mountain - East Slope
7 2017.07.27 Mount Syd Watts and Mount Sid Williams - Northwest Side
8 2017.07.27 Clarence Peak and Mount George V from Northwest

Road/Trail Bulletins
2 2017.11.12 In Good Shape Mount Lincoln Trail
2 2017.09.23 In Good Shape Deeks East Ridge Trail
2 2017.09.23 Growing Over Kallahne Creek Trail
2 2017.08.06 In Good Shape Kingdom Lake FSR
1 2017.07.30 Pay Parking Harvey Creek Spur
1 2017.06.11 Debris Flows Cleared Nesakwatch Creek FSR
7 2017.06.11 New Log Bridge Slesse Memorial Trail
5 2001.04.14 Drove road as access to Taseko Lake Taseko Lake Road Section 2
1 2016.12.31 New Year 2017 Conditions Van Horlick Road
5 2016.09.04 Drove road almost to end in low clearance 2WD Festuca Spur
3 2016.08.13 In Good Shape Hope Mountain Trail

Equipment Reviews Insert
8 Hilleberg Staika Tent

General Articles Insert
22 High Altitude Illness - Symptoms and Prevention
5 Johannes Mullegger (Hannes) Dies in Crevasse Fall
Colin Dionne Dies in Helicopter Crash

Discussions Insert
Evening in Memory of John Clarke
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