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Tom Tiedje #498
(Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)
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Editors Note: Tom Tiedje came to the University of British Columbia from Toronto in 1973 via Calgary, to do a PHD in Physics. Armed with Culbert's guide, he proceeded to knock off anything that could be reached in a day or two from Vancouver. After completing his PHD in 1977, and co-inventing the physics for the Moli cell battery with R. Haering, he moved to New Jersey to do research on solar electricity with Exxon. During this period he periodically returned to the mountains of British Columbia. In 1987 he returned to Vancouver full time. Tom currently is the head of the UBC Physics and Astronomy Department and a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and can still be gotten out on mountain adventures, especially if the schedule has been compressed.
Trip Reports Insert
32 2018.08.19 Kayak trip from Tofino to Ahousat via Vargas Island
37 2018.07.23 Crest Mountain via Trail (Strathcona Park)
58 2016.09.11 Mount Myra from Nyrstar Mine (Westmin Mine)
54 2016.08.28 Noyse Lake Cabin on Kludahk Trail
43 2015.09.13 Augerpoint Mountain from Westmin Road
35 2015.08.02 Kings Peak via trail from Highway 28
42 2015.06.21 Ragged Mountain with Thunderbird and Lightning
43 2015.06.21 Empress Mountain and Sheilds Lake Loop
38 2015.06.14 Mount Manuel Quimper loop
39 2015.06.06 San Juan Ridge walk
29 2007.05.25 German-Canadian Ski Ascent of Mount Baker
Feature Photos Insert
5 2006.06.11 Mount Garibaldi from North after Thunderstorm

Road/Trail Bulletins
5 2018.07.23 Trail in good shape Crest Mountain Trail
7 2016.08.28 Hiked down this trail Noyse Westside Trail
7 2016.08.28 Hiked up as far as Jct Sombrio East Trail
7 2016.08.28 Hiked up this trail Sombrio Cutover Trail
7 2016.08.28 Hiked down this road Noyse Main
7 2016.08.28 Drove part way up in 2WD van, then hiked Jack Elliot Main
7 2016.09.11 Trail to Mt. Myra Mount Myra Trail
7 2016.09.11 Tractor road to Tennent Lake Tennent Road
7 2015.08.02 Climbed Kings Peak via trail Kings Peak Trail
7 2015.08.02 Parked at end of Spur Elk River road
7 2015.06.21 Gated on some days, but you can use it if you sign in at YWCA Glintz Lake Road

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