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Linda Moore #4585
(Vancouver, Washington, United States)
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Road/Trail Bulletins
1 2013.06.16 Cavell Road re-opened June 15 Edith Cavell Road
3 2010.06.23 Lytton Ferry resuming service Lytton Ferry Road (Fraser River)
3 2010.06.04 Road Remains Closed Until the End of July 2010 Edith Cavell Road
3 2010.05.30 Road not cleared of rocks at approx 40.5K Yalakom River FSR
2 2010.06.02 Ferry maintenance shutdown May 28 Lytton Ferry Road (Fraser River)
2 2010.02.22 Mt Edith Cavell road re-opened Edith Cavell Road
3 2009.09.20 Trail closure - Sept 10-30/2009. Wilcox Pass Trail
5 2009.09.20 Road closed for construction until late July 2010 Edith Cavell Road
3 2009.09.18 Closed near Blackpine Camp. Icicle Creek Road
2 2009.09.18 Closed at MP 12.7 Hard Creek. Cascade River Road
3 2008.08.18 Access difficult to Monica Mdw TrHd Glacier Creek FSR

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