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Gregory Amos #42158
(Nelson, British Columbia, Canada)  
A climber
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Road Bulletins
3 2020.07.29 Silverspray Cabin trail cleared of deadfall July 26 Silver Spray Trail
3 2020.07.12 Rough road East Wilson Creek FSR
3 2020.07.12 Redfish FSR washouts around 8 - 9 km Redfish Creek FSR
3 2020.07.13 Good condition, some snow, lake now snow-free Shannon Lake Trail
3 2020.07.13 Good to go, not perfect but good Ross Lake Trail
3 2020.07.12 Lyle Lakes and Mt. Brennan now accessible Lyle Creek Trail
3 2020.07.14 Avalanche debris blocking the road at km 29 Glacier Creek FSR
3 2020.07.01 June monsoon 2020 - Deep water ruts last 2 km Hoder Creek FSR

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