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Elliott Skierszkan #38807
(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)  
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Road/Trail Bulletins
3 2019.07.28 Still good condition Shannon Creek Road
3 2019.07.21 Drove to km 2.4 (AWD) C6.7 Chance-Tricouni Spur
1 2019.05.26 Driveable to top in rough 4x4HC Dip6.9 Carnival Creek Spur
1 2019.03.24 Gated. Phyllis Creek Road
3 2019.03.24 In good condition Furry Down Fork
1 2019.03.24 Completely impassable near junction with Furry Creek FSR Furry Connector Two
1 2018.07.29 Footbridge out (Confirmed) A_2.3 Sigurd Trail
5 2018.06.03 In good condition Lynn Lake Trail
5 2018.05.13 New obstacle on log across Paranoid Creek W1.8b Darling Lake Trail
5 2018.05.13 Road in good conditions for Subaru Forester AWD to Skookum Dam Parking Mam13.2 Skookum Dam Road (Sco)
1 2017.05.29 R200 snow update R5.3 Brew Hut Branch

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