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Colleen Craig #35669
(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)  
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5 2015.06.27 Mamquam-Boise Pass

Road/Trail Bulletins
3 2019.04.27 bridges at 2.1km and 2.3km re-opened to vehicle traffic Sq_1.3 Ashlu Main (A)
1 2019.04.27 trail cleared until just past the first (Randy Stoltmann) lookout A_2.3 Sigurd Trail
1 2019.03.24 gate now permanently closed Norrish Creek FSR
5 2018.07.21 truck cleared from road, rest is straightforward with HC4WD Airplane Creek Road
1 2018.07.06 Past the slides its clear to 14km Viola Lake turnoff Downton Creek Road
3 2018.07.06 Landslide at ~6.5km Texas Creek Road
5 2016.07.09 Blocked at start, good condition otherwise Cayoosh Creek Main
3 2016.04.30 Fair overall condition to 31km Chehalis FSR
5 2016.04.17 Snow and deadfalls Allison Pass Telecom Road
5 2015.12.06 Lots of snow by top, icy under trees Phelix Creek Trail
5 2015.12.06 All snow covered Phelix Creek Road

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