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Lee Lau #3462
(North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)  
I am a self-admitted powder addict
Ski, bike, hike; generally I like mountains and love glaciers.

Trip Reports InsertFeature Photos Insert
4 2007.01.06 Mt Tszil and Taylor from the NW arm of Joffre
3 2007.01.06 Stonecrop Glacier, Mt Spetch and Mt Slalok from Lower Joffre Lake
4 2007.01.06 Cassiope and Saxifrage and the Place Glacier from Lower Joffre Lakes.
2 2007.01.06 Cayoosh Mountain from Lower Joffre Lake
7 2006.12.31 Star Mountains north face
3 2006.12.31 Glacier on Ronnie's Col with Mt Piebiter to the north in the clouds
4 2006.12.30 Star Mountain from Standard Ridge
5 2006.12.30 Mt McGillivray from McGillivray Pass
5 2006.12.30 View of Standard Ridge and mountains south of McGillivray Pass area from McGillivray Ridge
2 2006.03.12 Back side SW face of Fissile Peak showing summit ridge approach
3 2006.03.12 Mt Davidson, Cheakamus Glacier and Castle Towers from Fissile approach

Road/Trail Bulletins
5 2009.07.24 null Elk Thurston Trail
5 2008.07.27 null Brewer Creek FSR
3 2008.06.30 Snow free all the way to Sledders cabin @ 1250m approx Brandywine FSR
3 2008.06.03 Tenas waterbars Tenas North Branch
5 2008.03.16 Washout at 5 Km Enterprise Creek Road
5 2000.09.02 Description of road Whitecap Creek Powerline Connector
5 2007.12.30 Conditions Singing Pass Trail
1 2007.11.30 Br 200 Roe-Brew Trail
5 2007.08.04 Clear of deadfall. Good shape Elbow Pass Trail
5 2007.08.02 In great shape. Elbow-Davidson Connector
5 2007.05.27 null B16.5 Jamie Creek Main

Equipment Reviews Insert
9 Petzl Tibloc Ascender Review

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Rogers Pass permit area access restrictions
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