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Cliff Jennings #32307
(Whistler, British Columbia, Canada)  
Lived in Whistler since 1965. I did climbs in the Columbia Ice field area in 1965 & 66 while working as a tour guide to the Athabaska Glacier. In Whistler I was involved with the construction of the original lifts. In the first year of Whistler skiing Jim Rice from Montana was doing a promotional video I was a part of. I bought his Pentax camera from him which I used for 25 years until the strap broke while taking a picture on Green Lake. The camera was replaced by Pentax with a new K1000 at Manufacturer's cost. All of the pictures posted prior to 2000 were taken with those cameras. In March of 2009 I experienced a heart attack on Whistler Mountain after skiing Peak to Creek. Fortunately it occurred coming down the steps at Raven's Nest & as there was junior downhill training on the Dave Murray Downhill a young patroller noticed my condition & called for assistance. Cathy Jewett (Cathy was on the patrol when my daughter Sara & a friend was rescued from the steep gully under what is now the Peak to Peak Gondola) soon arrived & determined that a helicopter was needed. I was flown down to the Whistler Medical Clinic where I was stabilized while waiting for the Medivac Helicopter. I was then flown to Vancouver General & right into the operating room where the first of two stents was put in. The heart attack occurred about 10:30 & I was on the operating table at 13:30. Web Links: AWARE Whistler Museum Remembering Don MacLaurin There was also a feature done about the early years in Whistler which used my pictures with the Pentax Spotmatic. This was the year that Whistler was celebrating the 50th anniversary. Cliff Jennings: 50 Years of Whistler Gold
Trips Insert
28 1967.10.05 Mount Moe first ascent
29 1971.08.10 1971 traverse of Weart Mountain
25 1971.08.11 1971 Wedge from Hut
44 1967.09.01 1967 First Ascent of Mount Casement
38 1966.08.15 1966 Ascent of Mt Andromeda
50 1971.07.10 1971 Stikine Range exploration
32 1970.08.10 1970 Ipsoot from Rutherford
23 2006.09.23 2006 Russet Lake Hike
34 1971.08.21 Building the Singing Pass Trail from Whistler Mountain
46 1967.08.15 1967 Gas Pipeline Survey
35 2006.09.07 Hike up Eldorado E2
Photo Essays Insert
7 2008.07.13 Doug & Ian by pond with Eldorado Mountain behind
7 2008.07.13 Telephoto of Eldorado Mountain & North ridge
10 2016.06.29 Pearson Ridge looking SSW to Mount Williams
9 2016.06.29 Pearson Ridge looking South to Mount Truax
8 2016.06.29 Pearson Ridge looking SW to Mount Sloan
6 2006.09.07 North Cinnabar 42 pan (Blue, Shulaps & Rex Peaks)
10 2006.09.07 North Cinnibar 71 pan (Blue slush pond & Crane Peak)
11 2006.09.07 North Cinnibar 93 pan (Carpenter Lake, Pearson Peak, & Tyaughton Lake)
8 2016.12.25 Xmas day 01 (Crane Peak from cabin)
9 2009.09.08 South Cinnibar 22 pan (meadows & mountains) Mount Truax
13 2009.09.08 South Cinnabar 44 pan (Tyaughton Lake) & Ernie Peak

Road Bulletins
9 2019.12.03 Ice & log flow from Tyaughton Creek null
10 1971.08.15 1971 Logging Road Pillchuck Creek Road
8 2019.06.30 Grading update Tyaughton Lake Road
6 2019.06.26 Road has been recently graded Hurley River Road
9 2019.02.27 Bighorn Sheep Lower Bridge River Road
9 2019.02.27 This winter frozen waterfalls Lower Bridge River Road
1 2018.12.06 Pass plowed for logging Hurley River Road
9 2017.01.08 Frozen Waterfalls Lower Bridge River Road
10 2016.05.30 Future Logging Friberg Trail
10 2003.12.20 Winter conditions photos Pearson Crossover Road
7 2016.06.30 Good shape to Jct 36 Pearson Crossover Road

Equipment Reviews Insert

General Articles Insert
2017.03.31 1958 Lituya Bay Mega-tsunami
2016.12.22 Very useful site for avalanche information (huge results Dec 21)

Discussions Insert
2019.05.22 Joffre landslides
2018.12.01 Disappearing Glacier
2017.05.21 2017 Spring Avalanches