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Ed Cooper #30632
(Sonoma, California, United States)  
Ed Cooper with 5x7 view camera on top of Mt. Reynolds, Glacier N.
P., MT

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13 2010.09.26 Vermilion Peak and Sheep Mountain Reflection in Trout Lake
8 2010.09.26 Vermilion Peak from Trout Lake
16 2010.06.22 Granite Peak Seen from the Northeast
13 2010.03.28 Wheeler Peak Seen from the Moreno Valley in Winter.
3 2010.03.22 Ed Cooper at Summit Monument on Guadalupe Peak
15 2010.03.21 Guadalupe Peak and El Capitan
12 2006.07.16 Mountain of the Holy Cross, Colorado
7 2002.08.12 The Great North Face of the North Twin
4 2002.08.08 Sunrise on Oubliette Mountain and Others Reflected in Amethyst Lake
8 2002.08.08 Mount Geikie and Other Peaks in the Western Ramparts
7 2002.08.08 The Ramparts, Amethyst Lake, and the Tonquin Valley

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