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jamie May #29744
(Whistler, British Columbia, Canada)
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Ascending the S ridge of Melvin Peak
Windfall N1
Chutes above 8 Mile
Cayoosh from Vantage Ridge
Joffre Group
Racherie SW face
East looking pano from Sun God
Santa Claus S Ridge
Ostinato Peak
Seton N face
Gates,Place Glacier,Cirque
Cirque-Gates N ridge
Saxifrage N Face
West Face of Melvin
Trip Reports InsertFeature Photos Insert
5 2017.07.25 Mission Ridge
7 2017.07.25 Ostinato N Face
6 2016.09.15 Santa Claus & S ridge
7 2016.09.15 Seton N face
6 2016.08.26 Ostinato
6 2016.03.28 Saxifrage N Face
7 2016.03.28 Gates, Place Glacier, Cirque
5 2016.03.16 Melvin West Face
5 2016.02.22 Ascending the S ridge of Melvin Peak
5 2015.04.14 Ronayne Pano
4 2013.03.24 Cirque-Gates NW ridge

Road/Trail Bulletins
2 2018.12.04 4wd to Meager Bridge L4 South Meager Creek Main
1 2018.06.19 Logging appears complete Van Horlick Upper Road
2 2018.06.19 4wd HC Snowspider Spur
2 2016.10.30 Bridge replaced Captin Spur
1 2016.10.30 Morris Creek bridge replaced Van Horlick Road
1 2016.10.30 Widening and clearing work Morris Eastside Spur

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