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Myk Kurth
(Black Diamond, Alberta, Canada)
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Recovering mountaineer living in the foothills of the Rockies in Black Diamond, Alberta. Would have died of my addiction BMAC (Before Marriage and Children). Hyk and ski tour, mostly with wife Ursula and occasionally with groups. I like doing difficult tours alone (climbing, long trailess overlands, or first loops/traverses, advanced scrambling) Happy-go-lucky, socially uninvested, un-politically correct. I poke the box and am a stoic by nature and training(negative visualization,dichotomy of control,etc.).These activities are how I access Joy and build up Lungta reserves. I applaud the people behind this site (Robin Tivy et al)and all you bivouac users whatever your stage of ascent. See you at Home or on the Way...
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34 2010.11.04 Mt.Strachan via Carnarvon Lake
44 2010.10.16 Moose Mountain / Virtue Ridge descent
39 2010.08.25 Unction Peak scramble - soul salving views
43 2010.08.12 Cirque Peak - Rockies most efficient mountain experience
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3 2011.06.27 Mt. Rae - upper Rae Glacier to SW Ridge
4 2011.06.27 Mt. Rae crampon dangle
5 2011.06.27 Rae Glacier
3 2010.10.03 Fuhrman's Ledge
8 2010.10.03 Serenity of Agnes
3 2010.10.02 Sentinel Watching Lefroy
8 2010.10.02 Hungabee Larches
7 2010.09.18 Bugaboo Spire with Cobalt Lake
4 2010.08.16 North(hung)over

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