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Bill Maurer #29
(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)  
Bill at the operations center
Bill likes to climb big mountains.

Here's the operations center where I'm in the process of digitizing all those pesky 35mm slides.

You'll have to read the trip reports to see the mountain photos.


Trip Reports Insert
21 2017.02.05 Ski Route along Burke Ridge
33 2016.03.28 Slalok Mountain Ski Route via northeast ridge
48 2013.02.09 Rainbow Mountain from Alexander Falls
37 2009.10.08 Mount Price (Summer Route)
12 1999.10.23 Explorations in Seymour Ancient Groves Park (proposed)
74 1984.02.17 Mount Logan Winter Expedition 1984
63 1979.08.10 Mount Waddington Main Summit 1979
Feature Photos Insert
13 2005.08.16 Mount Siyeh from the South
5 1900.01.01 Slalok Mountain Ski Route Photo - Northeast ridge

Road/Trail Bulletins
3 2016.12.31 Skied up road Mam13.4 Skookum Dam Road (Sco)
1 2016.12.31 Drove to Skookum Creek turnoff and parked Mamquam Main
5 2009.10.08 Hiked trail to summit of Mount Price Mount Price Trail

Equipment Reviews Insert
4 Canoscan 8800F Slide Scanner
4 Wintec WBT-100 Bluetooth Data Logger
HTC Touch Mobile Phone as Navigation aid

General Articles Insert

Discussions Insert