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Dieter Kepper #28880
(Jasper, Alberta, Canada)  
Me at Scott Glacier
I grew up in Eastern Canada. I was fortunate to have been able to start hiking at a young age. At the age of eight I was already hiking in the wilds of Ontario and Quebec. I climbed my first mountain, Mount Washington N.H. at the age of ten. I moved to Jasper in 1976 at the age of 20. I have spent the last 33 years hiking in and around Jasper and Banff and The Willmore with a special love for the eastern slopes. My love of trekking and of wildlife has taken me all over the world. I have trekked and climbed in the Himalaya, Africa, South America and South East Asia. These days I find myself seeking the quieter, less travelled areas of the Rockies.
Trip Reports Insert
30 2011.07.22 Campus Pass, Jasper National Park
40 2010.10.09 Thanksgiving in the Tonquin Valley
48 2010.08.15 Cadomin to Miette Hot Springs-Fiddle River Trail
51 2010.06.03 Bike and hike to the headwaters of the Athabasca River
54 2009.09.24 Bike and hike to the Headwaters of the Cardinal River
57 2009.08.31 Bike and Hike to the headwaters of Whitehorse Creek
Feature Photos Insert
9 2016.06.27 Coronet Mountain from the south
5 2013.07.10 Cinnamon Peak from the NE
3 2013.07.08 Berg Lake and Robson Pass from the air
4 2013.07.08 Resplendent Mountain from the west
4 2013.07.08 Whitehorn Mountain from the air
4 2013.07.08 Whitehorn Mountain from the SE from the air
5 2013.07.08 Cinnamon Peak from the SE
5 2013.05.05 Mount Doolan from the North
7 2013.04.22 Ghita Mountain
10 2013.04.22 Mount Mowat from the Southwest
9 2013.04.21 Kerkeslin SE5

Road/Trail Bulletins
3 2020.02.02 Scott Glacier Trail Scott Glacier trail
5 2013.01.01 Trail good only for 3 km Swiftcurrent Creek trail
6 2018.05.19 Avalanche damages trail Castleguard Meadows Trail
5 2018.03.22 Prospect Meadows Trail Prospect Meadows Trail
10 2017.04.23 Bridge over Simon Creek is gone Athabasca Pass trail
5 2016.10.17 RR road and is gated Celestine Shortcut
5 2014.09.30 Bridge over Athabasca River collapsed Athabasca River Trail
5 2013.09.25 Cleared for 7 kms Howse Pass Trail
10 2013.09.07 Bridge over the Brazeau River replaced Brazeau S3
5 2013.07.11 old trail after Kinney lake in good shape Berg Lake Trail
10 2013.06.30 Bridge washed out Cardinal River Road - Segment 1

Equipment Reviews Insert
3 Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7 camera with GPS functionality

General Articles Insert
4 Jasper National Park bivouacing guidelines

Discussions Insert
Parks Canada's Backcountry Wilderness Passes