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Betsy Waddington #28
(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)  
Hollyburn Mountain West Slopes - Christmas Eve 1997
Betsy Fletcher was born in 1964 in Vancouver, and in 1982, went to UBC to study geography. Once at UBC she joined the UBC Varsity Outdoor Club (VOC) and soon fell in with the hard core - out every weekend - gang, most notably Brian Waddington. After leaving UBC, Brian and Betsy joined the British Columbia Mountaineering Club (BCMC) and over the next few years, accompanied by numerous other ex-VOC types accomplished many long 4 or 5 week ski traverses in remote areas of the BC Coast Range. In 1996 Brian Waddington died in an avalanche along with John and Janet Pearson on Mount Cerebus, during a traverse of the Monarch Icefield, leaving only two survivors, Betsy Waddington and Phil Hammer. In the years that followed, Betsy continued to be actively involved in the mountains and continues. Hy
Trip Reports Insert
62 2018.04.28 Edziza Ski Traverse - Bukley Lake to Arctic Lake
44 2016.04.24 Stikine Icecap: A traverse from Baird Glacier to Shakes Glacier
46 2008.12.30 Ski trip up Windy Joe
58 2008.09.20 Mt. Crickmer Hike - Start up the old road
34 2008.06.30 Hesquiat Peninsula Beach Traverse
44 2005.05.10 Ski Traverse Salmon Glacier to Bell II
46 2001.08.30 Fraser Headwaters Traverse
48 1996.05.05 Monarch Icefield Ski Traverse
54 1995.05.01 Nass Icefield Traverse - May 1-14 1995
69 1994.05.03 Stikine-Iskut 3 Week Ski Traverse 1994
25 1993.10.09 Lizzie - Meadow Dome Traverse 9-11 October, 1993
Feature Photos Insert
3 2014.05.15 Tseax Volcano (Nisga Volcano) from the west
5 2014.05.15 Crater in center of Tseax Cone
7 2010.09.04 Cirque Lake from the North Shore
6 2010.05.16 Skyladder to Summit of Bagpipe Peak on North Face
8 2010.05.16 Bagpipe North Face (from Peak just to North)
11 2008.10.25 Camp at Chimai
13 2008.08.25 Mount Ruth from Kakwa Park Headquarters
14 2008.08.25 Wishaw Mountain from Wishaw Lake
13 2008.08.25 Saint Andrew's from near Mouth of Kakwa Lake
10 2008.08.25 Francis Peak from Mount Ruth Trail
7 2007.07.13 Outfitters Outpost

Road/Trail Bulletins
5 2017.03.26 Skied down road on return from North Creek cabin Z2.9 Spur
5 2017.03.26 Skied out, stayed on east side North Creek Eastside Trail
3 2015.03.01 skiable P Main
8 2015.03.01 Washed out North Joffre Creek Road
4 2008.12.30 Annual Ski Trip Up Windy Joe Windy Joe Trail
3 2008.12.31 Road in good condition Gibson Pass Road
1 2008.12.11 start of road rerouted Brandywine FSR
1 2007.05.01 Hurley not plowed yet Hurley River Road

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2 G3 Alpinist elle climbing skins

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