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Cody Hallett
(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
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6 2017.10.30 NW side of the Still
5 2017.10.30 SE ridge of Stewart Pk
6 2017.10.08 SW side of Gideon
5 2017.10.08 St Jacobs mtn and SE ridge
6 2017.10.08 Cyclone peak
8 2017.07.31 North face of Mt. Hopkins
6 2017.07.31 Mt. Dix from NW
8 2017.07.10 Longslog mtn
7 2017.07.09 North side of Tachewana Pk
8 2017.07.09 Haynon Pk from Haynon Lake
8 2017.06.25 Talon Pk viewed from Flood pk

Road/Trail Bulletins
7 2018.04.09 Well marked to the ridge Goat Peak Trail
6 2017.08.24 A long drive to Macmillan pass North Canol Road (Highway6)
2 2017.06.26 Drove to 4k. Overgrown, but decent walking to road end Flood Creek Road
3 2017.05.30 Fallen trees at 6km North Bend FSR
8 2016.09.14 Good shape, goes further than satelite Eight Mile Creek road
3 2016.08.28 Good 2wd condition Tatlyoko Henry's Crossing Road
3 2016.08.26 Road is good. Trailhead well marked. Trail good with some mucky sections Ape Lake Trail
3 2016.08.26 Good to ape lake trailhead Nusatsum FSR
2 2016.07.13 Good condition to road end for 4wd Salal Creek Road
3 2016.07.04 Still in great shape Tenquille Creek Spur
3 2016.05.08 Closure at hornet cr in September Big Silver Main

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