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Wayne Weber #26732
(Delta, British Columbia, Canada)  
I'm a native of North Vancouver and a life-long resident of BC, having lived for years in Penticton, Merritt, and Kamloops (plus briefly in Prince George) as well as in Greater Vancouver. I'm not in any way a climber or mountaineer, but I have always done lots of back-country hiking and still do so whenever I can. My love of the outdoors and of mountains started with numerous camping trips with my parents and brother (and with my Scout troop in Penticton), and was whetted by my first job- two summers as a seasonal park naturalist in Yoho National Park.

I'm a professional biologist, and an expert especially on bird biology and ecology and plant ecology. I'm also a keen amateur geographer and climatologist, and have been since childhood. I have been an active participant for many years in organizations such as the Vancouver Natural History Society, B.C. Field Ornithologists, Washington Ornithological Society, and Washington and B.C. Native Plant Societies, and I treasure the many friends I have made through these organizations. And finally, I'm an inveterate photographer and have been for more than 30 years. If you'd like to see more of my photos of mountains, lakes, wildflowers, birds, etc., you can check out my Flickr webpage at .

I think that Bivouac is an absolutely superlative website for anyone who loves the mountains-- climber or non-climber-- and I am happy to be able to contribute to it in whatever ways I can.

December 2008

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13 2012.08.05 Duffy Peaks from the Northwest
15 2012.08.05 Mount Albreda - Northwest Aspect
9 2012.08.04 French Peaks from Blue River
16 2012.07.21 Mount Thielsen from the West
13 2012.06.26 Mount Eddy from the North
12 2012.01.23 Castle Crags after a Fresh Snowfall
13 2009.05.23 Bombtram Mountain from the Northeast
11 2009.05.22 Mount Begbie (Cariboo) from the Southwest
12 2009.04.14 Cypress Peak from Washington Park, Anacortes
15 2009.04.06 Three Fingers from the Northwest
13 2009.04.06 Jumbo Mountain from the Northwest

Road/Trail Bulletins
3 2009.02.20 Lots of snow, but open and plowed NF-11

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