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Lucas Earl #26730
(Seattle, Washington, United States)  
Napeequa River Headwaters and the Butterfly Glacier, Glacier Peak Wilderness,
WA (Sept. 2017)
I grew up in Vermont, so the first time I ever saw snow in the summer time was on Vancouver Island, on the highway to Tofino, in August 2002. Ever since then I've been intrigued by anyplace that's high enough up to have a snow or glacier in the warmer months. I've been fortunate to explore a few beautiful spots in BC, and since moving to Seattle have been exploring the Cascades as well (but nothing yet compares to the scenery of Salal Creek/Athelney Pass).

Happy to have stumbled across Bivouac years ago, and slowly attempting to enter trip reports a year or so late to expand the knowledge base. I like to focus on adding feature photos that highlight glacial change in Washington and SW BC as well.

Trip Reports Insert
73 2019.08.04 Attaining Mosquito Zen: 6 Days in the Slim Creek Headwaters
50 2016.09.10 Lilah v. Bear: Dayhike to Mount Dickerman
44 2016.09.05 Lake Ingalls/Longs Pass Lollipop
49 2016.08.13 Cascade Pass and Sahale Arm: 10 Years Later
47 2016.06.19 Melakwa Lake via Denny Creek
45 2016.06.04 Colchuck Lake via Stuart Lake Trail
43 2016.04.30 Proper Wilderness Stewardship on Teanaway Ridge
44 2016.04.09 An evening hike to Lake Serene
47 2016.02.20 Just part of the crowd on Mailbox Peak
43 2016.01.31 Mastering the Accidental Creek Plunge: Taylor River/Otter Falls Hike
42 2015.12.29 Snowshoe up the CPR Arrowsmith Trail
Feature Photos Insert
8 2019.08.09 Lepton S2 from Slim-Nichols Pass
8 2019.08.09 Lepton Mountain from Slim-Nichols Pass
7 2019.08.08 Mount Athelstan from Stanza Peak
9 2019.08.08 Mount Steve - South aspect
9 2019.08.08 Musket SW2 rising above Slim-Nichols Pass
8 2019.08.08 Labeled Panorama SW from Stanza Peak
11 2019.08.08 Strophe Peak from Stanza Peak
8 2019.08.08 Mount Sampson and companion peaks from Stanza Peak
10 2019.08.08 Monmouth Mountain telephoto from Stanza Peak
8 2019.08.08 Stanza Peak summit ridge - from the east
7 2019.08.08 Stanza Peak summit block - from the west

Road/Trail Bulletins
2 2020.01.07 Closed at Mile 9 Middle Fork Snoqualmie Road - Section 1
0 2019.10.17 Upper section reopened NF-63
0 2019.08 Last damaged section slated to be repaired pending review NF-63
1 2019.09.06 Washout repaired NF-4052
3 2019.09.14 Hiked to Lower Ashland Lake, trail in good shape Ashland Lakes Trail
3 2019.09.14 Drove to Ashland Lakes Trailhead NF-4021-016
3 2019.09.14 Drove to NF-4021-016, potholes NF-4021
1 2019.09.14 Drove to jct with NF-4021, many potholes NF-4020
3 2019.08.04 Still gated, seems likely to remain so for some time B16.5 Jamie Creek Main
10 2019.08.04 Blocked beyond McParlon West Road (~km 31) Bridge River Main - Section 2
1 2019.08.04 Good condition, especially north of the pass Hurley River Road

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