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Doug Brown #267
(Nelson, British Columbia, Canada)  
Doug looking relieved after completing a FA at Waterline Crag
From his home in Nelson, BC, Doug is active in ski touring, mountaineering, scrambling, whitewater and sea kayaking. He throws in a little rock climbing, ice climbing, and the occasional extended tropical sea kayak trip to round things out. Currently in Australia.

Doug is a member of the Kootenay Mountaineering Club.

Trip Reports Insert
51 2011.07.01 First Ascent of Nasokwen Mountain: Into The Forbidden Forest
60 2006.07.22 Going Back for Gold - Traverse in the Gold Range
28 2006.07.15 The East Face of Midgard
37 2005.09.24 Caribou Ridge - Beautiful Meadows and a Sporting Finish
39 2005.09.05 Glacier View Peak by Trial and Error
33 2005.08.27 An Amble up Arlington
62 2005.08.18 Tagging Some 11,000ers: A Trip to the Commander Group
48 2005.07.24 KMC 2005 Climbing Camp - The Vowells
25 2005.05.07 The Pizza Was Saved, Or Post-Holing on Peters
47 2004.08.16 Burnham, Bees, and Bush - Redemption on Mt Burnham
75 2004.07.24 Horsing Around up Granite Creek (Mount Findlay)
Feature Photos Insert
9 2012.05.27 Cloudraker from Arrowhead (from Northeast)
10 2012.05.27 Long Peak from Tynemouth
7 2009.05.22 Sun God to Copper Mound from Finch Ridge
8 2008.07.16 The Walls of Adamant
7 2008.07.16 Blackfriars from the Southwest
13 2008.07.15 Alpenglow on Sir Sandy
8 2008.07.14 Silvertip, Belvedere, and Azimuth Notch
10 2008.07.14 Adamant and the Gothics from the South
9 2008.07.12 The Eastern Gothics
6 2007.08.06 East Ridge of Dag - Route Topo
17 2007.05.11 Bridge Peak from Sessel

Road/Trail Bulletins
5 2004.07.24 Used pack horses to go up this trail Findlay Creek Trail
5 2004.07.24 Hiked up this trail Granite Creek Trail
4 2011.07.01 Road blocked at 13km Silverton Creek FSR
5 2007.06.24 Snow covered after Kokanee Lake Kaslo Lake Trail
4 2007.06.24 Battered but still fine Kokanee Glacier Road
7 2006.07.15 Road in 2wd shape Pingston West Spur
4 2006.07.15 Road graded and in good shape Little Slocan FSR
4 2006.07.15 Road in 2wd shape Bannock FSR
3 2006.06.07 Blocked by snow at km ~7.5, 5250' East fork Greasybill Creek FSR
5 2006.06.07 Washed out at km 6.3 Grizzly Creek FSR
3 2006.01.26 Gate Open July - Dec Farnham Creek FSR

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