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Jason Addy #265
(Powell River, British Columbia, Canada)  
A journey into the wilderness is the freest, cheapest, most nonprivileged of pleasures.                          - Edward Abbey

I was born in Belleville, Ontario and was introduced to hiking and canoing by my father. In 1991 my friend Fred made me bike from Toronto to Los Angeles. This had a major impact on my latent love of bikes. I moved to Vancouver in 1994 and discovered the Coast Range. By 1998 I had started to hike and climb regularly. I like to do self-propelled adventures (home to home, usually by bike)and started the Self-Propelled Outdoor Club (SPOC) in 2001. I work as an electrician in Powell River.

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Trip Reports Insert
49 2010.06.13 Slide Mountain - Southeast Ridge (Jerry's Route)
36 2006.09.24 Northeast Buttress West Lion Self-Propelled
71 2006.08.28 Chehalis Self-Propelled
46 2005.02.20 Satan's Gateway: Backdoor to Squamish
56 2003.07.19 Tetrahedron Self Propelled - Following Robin Tivy
42 2002.09.03 Disneyland Bike Ride (Goat Ridge)
71 2001.08.17 Bikes, Booze and Baker. Twice!
67 2001.01.15 Meslilloet Self-Propelled
51 2000.06.15 Cathedral Mountain Self-Propelled
Feature Photos Insert
8 2019.08.04 Mount Aiken from Mount Denman summit.
7 2015.06.08 Barkshack Peak from Vision Peak
5 2013.03.31 Beartooth's North East Ridge
10 2010.07.11 North Face Sunray Peak
8 2010.07.11 Northeast Face Rain Tooth Peak
5 2010.07.10 North Face of Goat Mountain
9 2010.06.13 Beartooth from Slide Mountain
7 2010.06.13 Slide's Southeast Ridge
11 2010.06.13 Mount Baldy's North Face
7 2009.09.01 Alfred from near Slide
8 2009.09.01 Slide Mountain from the North

Road/Trail Bulletins
5 2010.06.13 Road is blocked but in good shape. G55.9 Dianne Valley road
10 2009.09.01 Power Transmission Lines G63.9 Slide Mountain Spur
2 2008.07.02 Plans for logging. Bridge is in excellent condition Centre Creek Road
3 2008.07.02 Not too bad Illusion Spur
7 2004.04.20 Bike trip. Capilano River Road
5 2003.07.19 Heavy Bushwhacking Tetrahedron Peak Trail
5 2001.08.17 This road now paved. Glacier Creek Road
5 2004.08.14 Overgrown but not terrible. Goat Ridge Trail
4 2006.09.24 Fixed ropes on tourist route. Lions Trail
5 2006.09.01 Alder in switchbacks to Nursery. Chehalis FSR
3 2006.09.01 Grown over again. Old Eagle Creek Trail

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Indian Arm Trail
Lost rack on Clarke (Chehalis)
Self-Propelled Outdoor Club Slide Show
Self-propelled Outdoor Club Slide Show