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Sasha Kubicek #2556
(Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)  
Sasha enjoying Vancouver Island's alpine on Cat's Ears Peak
An avid outdoors man who has been hiking, scrambling and climbing Vancouver Island's mountains since his early 20's.
Trip Reports Insert
30 2005.08.10 Rugged Mountain's Northwest Face and Lama de Lepore's First Recorded Ascent
Feature Photos Insert
2 2010.06.20 Mount Judson, Tyee and Horseshoe from Trio Mountain
5 2010.06.20 Puzzle Mountain area peaks from Trio Mountain
2 2010.06.20 Trio Mountain sub peaks from Trio Mountain summit
5 2010.06.20 Rambler Peak from Trio Mountain
7 2010.06.20 Kings Peak from Trio Mountain
8 2010.06.20 Mount Filberg from Trio Mountain
9 2010.06.20 Matchlee Mountain from Trio Mtn
7 2010.06.20 Elkhorn Mountain from Trio Mountain
6 2010.06.20 Mount Donner from Trio Mountain
11 2010.06.20 Big Baldy Mountain from Trio Mountain
6 2010.06.20 Conuma Peak East Ridge from Trio Mountain

Road/Trail Bulletins
3 2005.08.10 null Spur N20
5 2005.08.10 Road easily Driveable Nomash Main
3 2007.07.30 Snow free to second lake Pierce Lake Trail

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