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Gili Rosenberg #25308
(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)  
Trip Reports Insert
66 2010.06.05 Clawing the Thin Ice: Ring-Callaghan Ski Traverse
50 2009.09.19 Red Pillar From Oshinow Lake
52 2009.07.10 Through the Backdoor to Kokanee Glacier Park
47 2009.01.25 Silverdaisy on Skis via mine road
50 2008.07.20 Runaway Train: Traverse of the Railroad Group
45 2008.01.26 Going for Glory on Norske
Feature Photos Insert
9 2009.07.11 Outlook Mountain from Sunset Mountain
7 2009.07.11 Sunset Mountain from Outlook Mountain
5 2009.04.05 Joffre Group from Mount Rohr
7 2009.04.05 Matier and Joffre from Mount Rohr
8 2009.01.25 Claimstake Mountain from the East
9 2008.07.20 Handcar Peak from Caboose-Faceless Col - July

Road/Trail Bulletins
1 2014.08.24 High clearance required Illal Creek Road
1 2014.07.22 New trail almost done (replaced most of old trail) Joffre Lakes Trail
2 2014.08.24 Excellent trail, continues over should of Illal to Spiral Illal Meadows Trail
2 2013.08.24 Washout might have been fixed? Spetch Creek Road
3 2013.07.08 Easy 2wd to rockslide at km 14 Haylmore Creek Main
2 2010.06.27 Easy 2wd Lytton to Lillooet Fraser Westside Road - Section C2
3 2010.06.27 Easy 2wd Lytton to Lillooet Fraser Westside Road - Section C1
2 2012.09.23 2WD-LC to first creek Tenquille Creek Spur
1 2012.09.23 Easy 2wd to Tenquille Creek Branch Birkenhead River Road
2 2010.08.01 Bridges removed Paradise Creek Road
3 2012.08.31 Excellent condition, easy to follow, some new logging flagging? Aurora Creek Trail

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22km of Hurley FSR go to MOT
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