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Paul Kubik #25
(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)  
Dreadnought winter 2020

  I first heard of the Internet in the late seventies when I was at SFU although then it was called a "community net" or something like that. A professor had actually experimented with a prototype which was just an e-mail and news server system with no graphics. You had to go to a special terminal to use it and it was probably only 300 bits per second which today is unbelievably slow. But the concept was the thing.
  I was starting to get more involved in back country trips around this time and I could see how the concept would work for reporting logging road conditions, new roads etc. Exactly the sort of thing guidebooks go out of date with rather quickly. Robin Tivy and I talked in the late 1980s about how it would work but this was when almost no one had a home PC. At the time I was thinking we needed sponsors such as MEC who would have a terminal in the store where people could go and put information in and get road reports out.
  Of course the technology took a long time before anyone could actually do anything really useful with it but many of us now have home computers or the libraries have them and thanks to Robin we have the Bivouac site where hopefully we can keep on adding maps, bulletins and road, trail and climbing reports for a long time. Climbing Resume In case anyone really came to this page to find out who I am here's a resume of my climbing background.

  • 1990-1992 President, BC Mountaineering Club
  • Spring 1996 Joint BCMC/Swiss Alpine Club (Rossberg Section) Dais Glacier ski camp organizer
  • Summer 1989 Southern Canadian Rockies climbing camp organizer
  • Summer 1986 Tchaikazan Valley climbing camp organizer
  • 1987-1989 Director, Federation of Mountain Clubs of BC
  • 2015 Co-founder with Chris Ludwig of Backcountry BC (and its predecessor organization Garibaldi Park 2020)
  • 2015-present Director, Cabins and Trails, B.C. Mountaineering Club
  • A serious climb (for me): Mount Robson; Mount Assiniboine
  • A serious ski traverse: Tantalus Range; McBride Range
  • Best vertical skiing: Pelion Mountain; Emmons Glacier on Mount Rainier; Mount Baker (either side)
  • Memorable bushwhacks: anything with slide alder and skis on the pack; the Lake Lovelywater trail after it was logged; the west side of the Squamish River, in general.
  • Trip Reports Insert
    25 2019.09.15 Hike up Swiftcurrent fire lookout
    37 2019.03.10 Knothole Ski Peak
    52 2013.02.17 Sigurd Peak North Face Ski
    49 2013.01.12 Rainbow Mountain via Beverley Creek
    47 2012.07.14 Sigurd-Pokosha Horseshoe hike n bike
    27 2012.06.17 Tunnel Bluffs to the Yahoo cabin
    57 2012.04.21 Conroy to Clinker - Ski Trip up Conroy Creek to Clinker Peak
    39 2010.02.13 Mount Harvey Ski Tour (From South)
    68 2010.02.06 Stuyvesant Slot Tour, Ashlu Elaho Divide
    46 2009.05.09 Ipsoot Mountain on skis from Rutherford Branch 550
    44 2009.03.21 Frosty Mountain West Peak - Ski Descent to Flash Lake
    Feature Photos Insert
    6 2020.03.12 Mount Ellesmere north flank
    8 2020.02.20 Darling Peak from Dreadnought (Crawford W2)
    5 2019.10.16 Mount Tantalus, Rumbling Glacier, Nunatuk
    8 2019.10.15 North Twentymile Lookout Trail
    3 2019.10.15 Whistler Life Saving Trail context
    5 2015.11.20 Dreadnought (Crawford W2) Peak from NNW
    6 2014.09.15 Corteo Peak East Face
    6 2014.04.20 Scimitar Knoll ski descent
    8 2014.01.18 Abandoned Peak from Blanca
    4 2014.01.18 Deserted Peak from Blanca
    9 2013.09.16 Copper Benchmark from Copper Pass

    Road/Trail Bulletins
    10 2020.02.29 Summary bulletin; reactivated to 700 meters; cross-ditched Mam21.8 Knothole Lake Trail (K)
    1 2020.03.26 Some deadfall cut-BC Parks trail conditions report Windy Joe Trail
    1 2020.03.12 Hauling Mam_9.5 Alpen Spur
    6 2020.03.12 Parking at 700 m Mam_6.8 Mulligan Spur
    6 2020.02.20 Drove to KM 15.5 just short of the candy cane Mam13.4 Skookum Dam Road (Sco)
    8 2019.10.04 Microwave tower road; not the lifesaving trail Microwave Access Road
    1 2019.10.02 Graded to KM 8 Mamquam Main
    3 2019.03.30 Road condition, more info S11.2 English Creek FSR (E)
    8 2019.03.22 Plowed to KM 39 Ashnola River Road
    3 2019.03.10 Plowed for logging Mam21.8 Knothole Lake Trail (K)
    1 2019.03.10 Plowed to KM 21 (Knothole spur) Mamquam Main

    Equipment Reviews Insert

    General Articles Insert
    16 Bump Wimp - Selecting a Backcountry Vehicle
    3 Backcountry zoning - contrary opinion

    Discussions Insert
    Blunder mapping Kallahne Creek
    Inexplicable vents on alpine summits
    Letter to Parks Re: Sigurd Master Plan
    Macintosh OS X and JavaMap/ZoomMap
    Origin of Spoon Lake, Cheam Range
    Parking fee poorly implemented
    Phantom Lake - the danger of keeping areas "secret"
    Proposed Swift Creek trail and Brohm Ridge ski development
    Station Rose vs. Sigurd Peak naming
    Trail Clearing invitation - Sigurd Trail and Sigurd Peak Trail
    Westside Road (Fraser Canyon) - regularly plowed?