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John Scurlock #24593
(Concrete, Washington, United States)  
Refueling at Valemount before Heading up to Mt Robson Area
I began photographing the North Cascades in late 2002, casually at first but ultimately developing into an effort to photograph the entire range under winter conditions. Since I began, I have photographed mountains from northern California to Bella Coola; I have also visited areas as diverse as the Wallowas in eastern Oregon, the Sawtooth Wilderness in Idaho, and the northern Rockies in British Columbia. A Waddington obsession led to my first winter visit there in late December of 2006. Subsequent flights have covered many other remote areas of the southern Coast Mountains. John Baldwin, Don Serl, Drew Brayshaw, and Jordan Peters get my sincere thanks for their assistance and support for what I've been able to accomplish.

I have been geotagging my photographs since spring of 2007. The low-tech method I use is accurate to within about 0.25 km - not good enough for technical aerial photography, but certainly adequate for my purposes.

I invite comments & corrections, so please don't hesitate to contact me.

Trip Reports Insert
32 1996.07.01 Lago - Dot Traverse
Feature Photos Insert
8 2019.09.15 Wolf Fang Peak From The Northeast
10 2019.09.05 Hole In The Wall Peak From The Northeast
8 2019.09.05 The Southeast Face Of Mt. Proboscis
7 2019.09.05 Cirque of the Unclimbables overview - Lotus Flower Tower, etc.
9 2019.09.05 Mount Savage, Northeast Face
7 2018.11.08 The Northeast Face of Booker Mountain
4 2018.10.18 The North Face Of Mt. Hooker
25 2017.09.15 Mount Ulysses From The Southeast
14 2017.09.15 Mounts Lloyd George, Criccieth, & Glendower From The East
15 2017.09.15 Mount Ulysses From The North
12 2017.09.15 Mount Vreeland and the Monkman Glacier From The East

Road/Trail Bulletins
9 2011.05.15 Avalanche at MP 137.75 WA-20

Equipment Reviews Insert
Sony GPS-CS1 Track Logger

General Articles Insert
4 Geotagging Photos Using Track File Data

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