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Ed Farrell #2424
(Bellingham, Washington, United States)  
This photo was taken by someone I met somewhere in Nevada in 2004.
I really love the mountains but I don't rock climb anymore. Even when I did (30 years ago) it was an undisciplined sort of climbing though I did learn to hammer pins, tie a few knots and use an ice axe. But when I found myself in trouble it was usually without a belay. Nowadays I hike a lot and scramble a little. I was born in California and love the Sierras but I really love BC too; I lived in Bellingham, Washington for a few years and once spent a month sailing down the BC coast from Sandspit to Vancouver. My last BC trip was to the Bella Coola area in 2003. The weather was lousy but I'm obsessed with going back to Ape Lake.

I love photography and have recently taken up digital photography and printing in a fanatical, obsessive way. I love to write, too. I recently finished my first novel and am obsessively working on another. I am also working on a very interesting computer program in a similar spirit.

Oh yes, and I should mention that I'm quite obsessive.

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58 2005.08.20 A Day-Jaunt Up White Mountain Peak
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9 2007.09.17 Mount Humphreys
2 2007.09.17 Piute Crags from the South
8 2007.09.17 Mount Emerson
8 2007.09.17 Muriel Peak
6 2007.07.06 Little Lakes Valley
10 2007.07.06 Mount Abbot
8 2007.07.06 Mount Dade
1 2007.07.06 Mono Pass
6 2007.07.06 Bear Creek Spire, Mt. Dade, and Mt. Abbot
12 2007.07.06 Mount Morgan
13 2007.07.05 Mount Dana

Road/Trail Bulletins
2 2003.09.16 Road condition 2003 Nusatsum FSR

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