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Vern Dewit #2066
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)  
I grew up in the Red River flat lands of Southern Manitoba. After obtaining my Computer Science degree in 1999 I moved to Calgary with my wife.

About 1.5 years after moving to Calgary I joined a group from work on a hike up Ha Ling peak outside of Canmore and was hooked on Mountains. I joined an informal group of scramblers from the 'rmbooks' forum and started a web site to keep track of my adventures at

I've started to finally move beyond hiking and scrambling with some alpine trips over the past few years. I'm never going to be a 'rock jock' - I prefer big terrain and long alpine trips. I also love ski mountaineering much to my wife's chagrin...

Even though I'm getting into some more technical climbing / mountaineering my first love will always be the freedom of tramping around the wilderness with just my backpack and a plotted GPS line on my iPhone.

Trips Insert
52 2018.09.26 A Traverse above Middlepass Creek (Rainy Ridge) Incomplete
42 2009.08.31 Pilot Mountain and Mount Brett - Bike and Scramble - Fantastic Duo!
34 2003.09.05 Mount Tekarra for Breakfast
30 2003.09.02 Sidetracked to Curator
31 2004.07.10 What the heck is a Collembola?
46 2004.09.26 A Glasgow to Banded Traverse - Four Windy Peaks
44 2004.09.03 Mount Ward to Window Mountain with a brief moment on Allison Peak
63 2005.09.05 A Delicious Feast of Summits! (9 Skoki Peaks in 72 Hours)
26 2010.02.19 A Glacier Super G from Vulture Peak
51 2005.09.24 A Traverse from Alderson to Carthew via Buchanan Peak
42 2006.09.07 An Easy Ascent of Mount Putnik from Three Isle
Photo Essays Insert
9 2005.09.24 Mount Alderson Panorama
9 2010.02.21 Mount Balfour
5 2010.02.21 Lilliput Mountain Ascent Slopes
9 2009.06.30 Mount Hornecker
9 2009.06.30 Windy Peak
5 2008.09.08 Wonder Peak Summit Panorama
9 2008.09.07 Summit view from Nub Peak
9 2008.09.08 Mount Cautley and the Assiniboine Environs
6 2008.10.01 Mount Engadine and Buller Pond
3 2008.11.01 Summit panorama - Bertha Peak
4 2009.05.16 Burstall Pass from Snow Peak

Road Bulletins
7 2018.09.26 Trail in Great Shape Middlepass Lakes Trail
7 2018.09.26 Road in Decent Shape Middle Kootenay Pass Trail
7 2019.06.09 Road in Decent Shape Middlepass Creek Road
5 2019.06.09 Trail in Great Shape West Castle River Trail
7 2020.07.26 Trail in Great Shape Mosquito Creek Trail
7 2019.06.15 Trail Conditions Vary Baril Creek Trail
7 2019.08.08 Trail Conditions Vary Sunset Pass Trail
7 2019.08.17 Trail Conditions Vary North Molar Pass Trail
7 2019.08.17 Trail Conditions Vary Mosquito Creek Trail
5 2020.12.05 Road in great shape. Ya Ha Tinda Ranch Road
5 2020.12.05 Trail in Great Shape Scalp Creek Trail

Equipment Reviews Insert
2010.04.14 Panasonic DMC-GH1 Digital Camera

General Articles Insert
2010.04.15 Great Landscape Pictures from a Small Camera using GND Filters

Discussions Insert