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Vern Dewit #2066
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)  
I grew up in the Red River flat lands of Southern Manitoba. After obtaining my Computer Science degree in 1999 I moved to Calgary with my wife.

About 1.5 years after moving to Calgary I joined a group from work on a hike up Ha Ling peak outside of Canmore and was hooked on Mountains. I joined an informal group of scramblers from the 'rmbooks' forum and started a web site to keep track of my adventures at

I've started to finally move beyond hiking and scrambling with some alpine trips over the past few years. I'm never going to be a 'rock jock' - I prefer big terrain and long alpine trips. I also love ski mountaineering much to my wife's chagrin...

Even though I'm getting into some more technical climbing / mountaineering my first love will always be the freedom of tramping around the wilderness with just my backpack and a plotted GPS line on my iPhone.

Trip Reports Insert
36 2018.07.15 A Scramble up Mount Potts from Grizzly Creek
43 2018.06.29 A Scramble up Golden Mountain from Fatigue Pass
56 2018.06.29 Scramble of Fatigue Mountain from Citadel Pass
40 2018.06.08 A Scramble up Mount Denny via Grizzly Creek
55 2017.10.06 A Day Trip into the Remote Castle Rock Peak
49 2017.09.25 A Fall Scramble of Mount Howard Douglas and Eagle Mountain
28 2017.06.03 Scramble Bridge Peak
30 2017.06.03 Scramble Mount Ernest Ross
42 2016.09.16 Park Mountain Scramble via Biddle Pass
42 2016.08.05 Breaker Mountain in a day via Capricorn Lake
44 2016.04.16 One Day Ski Ascent on Andromeda (South Ridge)
Feature Photos Insert
9 2020.07.05 JI19 from Mount Shanks
9 2019.09.24 Stenton Peak rises over Stenton Lake
8 2019.08.28 Arete Peak, Mont Des Poilus and Mount Collie
11 2019.08.28 Mount Lotosky and Poland
9 2019.08.17 Minnow Peak from just under North Molar Pass
11 2019.02.24 Noetic Peak from Helena Ridge
12 2019.02.24 Mystic Peak from Helena Ridge
10 2018.07.20 Mount Brussilof from Alcantara
9 2018.07.15 Mount Potts
8 2018.07.08 Simpson Ridge from the East
12 2018.07.07 Nestor Peak and Lake

Road/Trail Bulletins
3 2020.07.21 Not that well developed. Bighorn River Trail
7 2017.10.06 Road in good shape Ghost Valley Road
7 2017.10.06 Road in good shape for 4x4's Ghost River Trail
7 2015.02.22 Used to approach Peyto Peak Peyto Lake to Peyto Hut
7 2014.05.11 Used for approaching Trapper Peak Peyto Lake to Peyto Hut
5 2010.02.19 Followed for Balfour Climb Bow Hut to Balfour Hut Route
7 2014.04.29 Used for ski trip on Mount Collie Bow Hut Winter Route
7 2012.08.26 Harder to find than expected Geraldine Fire Road
7 2012.08.26 Used for approaching Fryatt Geraldine Lakes Trail
7 2014.09.04 A fall approach Woolley Creek Trail
7 2014.09.05 A fall approach Woolley Shoulder Trail

Equipment Reviews Insert
5 Panasonic DMC-GH1 Digital Camera

General Articles Insert
15 Great Landscape Pictures from a Small Camera using GND Filters

Discussions Insert