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Robert Ballantyne #203
(Bowen Island, British Columbia, Canada)  
Cayley Icefield (Powder Mt) in Background
Montreal West for the first 24 years, lived in Toronto and Winnipeg until 1989. When I arrived on Bowen Island, BC, in 1990, I wanted to experience this new landscape and began hiking. Its hard to posthole up hills in the winter, and folks suggested that I should try skiing. Now it it my preferred method of wilderness travel. In 2001 I declared myself an intermediate telemarker (I'll never be expert; but for me it is about access, not turns). I was 65 in 2008.

Much of my spare time has been spent working with environmental groups. I was President of the Canadian Nature Federation (now Nature Canada) and serve as president of the board of BC Spaces for Nature, which now includes - that's the wilderness education program founded by John Clarke. I think those of us who know and love the back country can and should share our knowledge about the value of the wilderness. I am concerned about peaceful access to the wilderness for muscle-powered travellers.

Thanks for your interest. More at and

Trip Reports Insert
31 2003.06.08 Ski up Grouty Peak above Railroad Pass
27 2001.05.11 Locomotive Mountain - From Railroad Pass on Skis
44 2000.10.04 Hiking and Climbing on Mount Callaghan
Photo Essays Insert
5 2011.06.26 Cloudburst Ski Route Photo Superimposed on Google Earth
10 2003.07.23 Matier & Joffre in Morning - from Road
3 2003 June 8 Goat Tenquille Massif in the Spring
9 2003 June 8 Train Glacier Group
9 2000.10.04 Mount Callaghan Summit

Road Bulletins
1 2012.05.06 Washout before the Tricouni / Cloudburst fork High Falls Creek Road (br200)
1 2011.10.27 Branch 200 spur above Roe Creek main graded today Roe-Brew Trail
2 2011.06.26 Blocked by Snow H6.7 Tricouni Meadows Spur
3 2003.08.11 Access From Lions Bay Prohibited Howe Sound Crest Trail - South
2 2003.06.08 MOF closes Meager Creek Road Meager Creek FSR
3 2003.06.01 Snow 4 KM from Lake Upper Callaghan FSR

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Trail Motorcycles on Goat Ridge