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John Baldwin #20
(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)  
Photo by Matthias Jakob
Growing up in Vancouver, John Baldwin became fascinated by the Coast Mountains that rise above the city and developed a lifelong passion to explore this incredible range of mountain wilderness.

Over the past 35 years he has completed numerous first ascents and pioneered many long ski traverses, often to remote areas that have rarely been seen or photographed. The purpose of these explorations has been to travel through the mountain wilderness, to climb high snowy peaks, to search for sheltered basins where the snow is deep and light, to look at patterns in the new fallen snow, stare at the chaos of a jumbled icefall or experience the stillness of a vast icefield.

He has published numerous photographs and several books, including 3 editions of his best selling ski mountaineering guidebook Exploring the Coast Mountains on Skis, Backcountry Whistler map, and Mountains of the Coast. Website:

Trip Reports Insert
32 2018.07.20 Ungulates Traverse
55 2014.07.28 Cadwallader Range Traverse
57 2013.07.25 Shulaps Hiking Traverse
45 2009.07.28 North Stein Divide Traverse
62 2005.07.15 North Powell Divide Traverse
41 2004.08.01 Kingcome Horseshoe Route
38 2003.07.15 Owikeeno Lake to Seymour Inlet
38 1996.05.15 Mount Waddington on Skis
36 1995.04.30 Waddington Circumski
43 1989.06.20 Burke Channel to Owikeeno Lake
36 1987.07.15 Whitemantle Range Route Description
Feature Photos Insert
6 2016.04.22 Castle Towers and Phyllis's Engine from Price
9 2013.08.05 Rex Peak from meadows at treeline just northeast of the summit
4 2013.08.05 Rex Peak from meadows to the northeast
6 2013.08.04 Rex Peak from the Northeast
4 2010.06.15 Panorama from Paget Peak
6 2008.09.04 Ossa and Pelion from Sigurd Peak
3 2008.09.04 View from Summit of Sigurd Peak
19 2006.05.01 Atna Peak East Face
18 2006.03.05 Skiing in the Howson Range
6 2006.03.05 Skiing on Solitaire Glacier in the Howson Range
12 2005.07.15 Powell Divide near Skwawka Lake

Road/Trail Bulletins
3 2018.07.27 Active logging Bridge River Main - Section 2
1 2017.08.28 Road reactivated Van Horlick Road (VH)
2 2014.09.22 road driveable in a Subaru E_6.3 Maude Frickert Road E300
3 2014.08.04 Trail growing in Standard Creek Trail
2 2014.08.04 Hope Cr east branch growing in but still in good shape Hope Creek FSR - East Branch
3 2014.05.21 Galleon Cr trail Galleon Creek Trail
7 2013.07.25 Hiked western part of this trail Brett Creek Trail
7 2013.07.25 Hiked entire length of trail Shulaps Westside Trail
5 2012.08.05 Rode bikes the entire length, very beautiful Lone Valley Trail
3 2013.08.05 Only 2WD to Lac La Mare Y11.1 Lac La Mare Road
3 2012.08.05 South spur goes to trail La Mare South Spur

Equipment Reviews Insert

General Articles Insert
73 The Great Skyline Traverses of the Coast Mountains

Discussions Insert
Heli Skiing in the Pantheon and Waddington Ranges
Proposal to expand Coquihalla Summit Recreation area