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Kevin Altheim #199
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)  
Hiking to Silent Pass with my youngest son Elijah at 3 months old
Love the mountains and try to spend as much time out there with Amy and our Children of which we have 5, one over 18 now, 2 mid teens, 2 young. Scrambled about 50 mountains and tried a few Alpine Climbs but hike now as it is great to get the kids out and expose them to the mountains as much as possible. I also really like just seeing and being on the land as much as possible and was lucky as a younger lad to see pretty much all of Alberta and NE BC from the bush. Even the areas W of Alaska Highway N of Forth St. John.

My message to all is enjoy and preserve the mountains as much as possible, they bring us that peace we all need.

Trip Reports Insert
41 2002.07.06 Mount Bogart from Ribbon Falls campground
44 2001.08.15 Mount Galatea from Chester Lake
48 1999.07.31 Mount Hector - North Glacier Route
24 1998.09.01 Jumbo Pass from Jumbo Creek
23 1997.08.01 Lake of the Hanging Glacier
31 1991.08.04 Mount Glasgow (Kananaskis) - East Ridge
30 1989.07 Climb Murray N1 (North Subpeak of Mount Murray)
Feature Photos Insert
4 Sept 27-2003 The Rundle Range
5 Sept 27-2003 Ships Prow
6 Sept 27-2003 EEOR
4 Sept 27-2003 The Guard Wall (Stanley Headwall)
9 Sept 27-2003 Sunset on Castle
3 Sept 27-2003 Whymper from Vermilion Pass
4 Sept 27-2003 Stanley PK North Face - Kahl Route
6 Sept 27-2003 Toe of the Stanley Glacier
4 Sept 27-03 McGillivray from the West
4 Sept 27-03 The McGillivray Slabs
3 Sept 13-2003 Mount Tyrwhitt from Tyrwhitt Basin

Road/Trail Bulletins
3 2006.02.09 Trail Intialized Templeton Lake Trail
5 2006.02.07 Trail Intialized Septet Pass Trail
3 2006.02.07 Trail Intialized McLean Lake Trail
3 2006.02.06 Road Initialized Templeton FSR
3 2006.02.06 Route Initialized Cobalt Lake-Conrad Kain Hut Route
3 2006.02.02 Trail Intialized Rockypoint Creek Trail
5 2006.02.02 Trail Intialized Chalice Creek Trail
3 2006.02.02 Route Initialized Silver Basin Route
3 2006.01.31 Road Initialized Chalice Creek Access Road
3 2006.01.28 Trail Initialized Hector Lake Trail
3 2006.01.29 Trail Initialized Goat Pass Route

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8 Irfanview Photo Manipulation Program

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