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Dean Richards
(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
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Spread between Vancouver Island, Coast Range, Cascades, Purcells, Selkirks, and Rockies. Emphasis on remote, off-trail, beautiful areas, but lots of scrambling and some light mountaineering/glacier travel too.
Trip Reports Insert
60 2017.08.06 Valley of the Lakes and Attempt at Snowman Peak
47 2016.08.18 Fays Peak from the South
42 2016.07.31 Feather Spire and Mazinaw Mountain (The Dying Days of the Duncan FSR, Part 2)
53 2016.07.28 Sugarplum Lakes and Squab Peak (The Dying Days of the Duncan FSR, Part 1)
25 2016.07.02 Mount MacFarlane Summer Day Hike
66 2015.10.22 Mount Pool - Southern Approach and SE Ridge
35 2015.10.18 Ymir Mountain Loop Hike
50 2015.10.14 Akokli Mountain via Southeast Ridge
55 2015.10.05 Mount Chipman - South Ridge
52 2015.09.22 Bald Mountain and Copperstain Mountain
51 2015.09.12 Echo Lake and Echo Peak
Feature Photos Insert
11 2017.08.09 Valley Peak from the Northeast
10 2017.08.09 Syncline Mountain from the Northeast
9 2017.08.06 Mount Syphax from the Southeast
13 2016.08.19 Spine Mountain from Fays Peak
12 2016.08.19 Mount Stone from the Southwest (telephoto)
8 2016.08.19 Four Squatters from the West (telephoto)
9 2016.08.19 Mount Wagner from the South
8 2016.08.19 Redcliff Peak from the South
13 2016.08.19 Asher Peak from the Northeast (telephoto)
12 2016.08.19 Abbott Peak from the Southwest (telephoto)
11 2016.08.19 Mount Jowett from the Southeast

Road/Trail Bulletins
9 2017.08.09 Avalanche debris 3km from the end, impassable to vehicles Vermont Creek Road
3 2014 Essentially undriveable beyond 1st switchback Reisstal Spur
2 2017.07.30 Unchanged since 2003 High Pass Trail
2 2016.11.13 Mostly a watercourse in heavy rain, continuous snow near Brew Lake Roe-Brew Trail
2 2016.11.13 Can drive to Brew trailhead Roe Creek Branch R200
5 2016.08.18 Drove onto ridge American Creek FSR
3 2016.09.25 Boggy in spots, but cool trail Spetch Creek Trail
2 2016.09.25 Scraped a bit in a Subaru Spetch Creek Road
10 2016.08.29 Drove to end of driveable, plus more recent info Duncan FSR
3 2016.09.06 Saw from Columbia West, spoke to somenoe Palmer Road
3 2016.09.06 Active logging Gold River FSR

Equipment Reviews Insert
3 SteriPen UV Water Purifier

General Articles Insert

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