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Dean Richards #18174
(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)  
I've arranged my lifestyle to not have to work in the summer. Usually spread between Vancouver Island, Coast Range, Cascades, Purcells, Selkirks, and Rockies. Emphasis on remote, off-trail, beautiful areas, but lots of scrambling and some light mountaineering/glacier travel too. Been trying to get into areas with little enough history that I'm able to research it all afterwards and include a summary in my trip reports. If anyone does any of the more remote trips after me, please drop me a line and let me know!
Trip Reports Insert
43 2020.03.08 Puma and Puma S1 from Overnight Lot
32 2019.09.02 Bachelor Pass and Pyrite Ridge Recon
29 2019.05.26 Cloudburst hike via snow-covered NW Trail
43 2018.09.05 Houdini Needles from Bill Putnam Hut (Fairy Meadows)
35 2018.08.30 Moonraker, Dogtooth, and Dawn in a Day
61 2017.08.06 Valley of the Lakes and Attempt at Snowman Peak
47 2016.08.18 Fays Peak from the South
42 2016.07.31 Feather Spire and Mazinaw Mountain (The Dying Days of the Duncan FSR, Part 2)
54 2016.07.28 Sugarplum Lakes and Squab Peak (The Dying Days of the Duncan FSR, Part 1)
25 2016.07.02 Mount MacFarlane Summer Day Hike
67 2015.10.22 Mount Pool - Southern Approach and SE Ridge
Feature Photos Insert
11 2019.09.02 Argentine Mountain from the South
11 2018.09.06 Mount Ed Falls from the Southeast (telephoto)
7 2018.09.06 Enterprise Peak and Mount Sir Andrew from the Southeast
11 2018.09.06 Sir William Peak from the Gothics (telephoto)
11 2018.09.06 Southwest Ridge of Mount Quadrant
12 2018.09.05 Solitude Mountain from the Selkirks (telephoto)
11 2018.09.05 Lid Mountain from the Selkirks
6 2018.09.05 Kitchen Range from the Selkirks
14 2018.09.05 Sophist Mountain from the Selkirks (telephoto)
9 2018.08.30 Copperstain Mountain from Moonraker Peak
9 2018.08.30 'Shepherd Peak' from Moonraker Peak

Road/Trail Bulletins
5 2020.03.08 Well marked Beverley Creek Winter Trail
5 2020.03.08 All good Puma Route
4 2020.03.08 Parked at Alexander Falls/Overnight Lot Callaghan Valley Road
5 2020.03.08 Followed in entirety East Madeley Route
3 2019.10.27 Drove to Glacier Lake Glacier Lake Spur
1 2019.10.27 Closures extend, detour closed, good otherwise In-SHUCK-ch Main (L)
3 2019.10.27 Drove entirety, good Lillooet River West FSR
3 2019.10.27 Drove to highest point Fire Creek Road
3 2019.10.27 Road blocked intentionally by boulders at first fork North Sloquet Road
3 2019.10.27 Drove to hot springs, fine Sloquet FSR
6 2019.10.26 Washed out after Cloudraker spurs, possibly passable L44.2 Rogers Creek FSR

Equipment Reviews Insert
5 SteriPen UV Water Purifier

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