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Len Zedel #1741
(St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada)  
On ridge leading to Blow-me-down Mountain Newfoundland,
I started hiking in high school doing mostly established trails (Strathcona Park, the West Coast Trail). While doing a B.Sc. (1982) and M.Sc. (1985) at the University of Victoria, I acquired a taste for climbing mountains. I spent a year in Tasmania where, now working and with a lot more free time, I spent every weekend hiking and climbing. I returned to B.C. to the University of British Columbia for a PhD (1991) that allowed for some more adventures in B.C. mostly on Vancouver Island as I was working at the Institute of Ocean Sciences in Sidney. I'm now working at Memorial University in St. John's Newfoundland and have to satisfy myself with rock climbing on the weekends. But every summer I find time for a pilgrimage back to B.C. and some sort of mountain expedition.

I really like going on trips with limited route descriptions because I love the challenge of route finding. Of course, the price of that preference is that I have spent a lot of time thrashing around in the bush not getting to a destination (three attempts on Maquilla Peak and never really got close). These days my time is at a premium, Liz and I have two daughters, four dogs, and I make some effort at having a career. I now rely heavily on Bivouac to find trips that I know will work.

On any trip the thrill for me is the sights and views, the mix of ice and rock in the sunlight. Those are the things that form the memories but I am also very goal oriented so I have to keep telling myself to stop and smell the flowers. I have realised over time that I really hate camping but you do what you have to do to get to the destination. I have developed an obsession with carrying the minimum of weight on a trip so that my friends all learn about how many calories you need for a meal, what calories various foods contain and how much fuel it will take to cook them. Taste is a secondary consideration.

I can no longer shoot pictures using Kodachrome slides: that medium has been discontinued and my old camera broke. I have been plunged into the digital world and I have still not yet made peace with it. So far, I have better pictures using a Nikon point and shoot than with my Pentax D20. I might still buy a used film camera through ebay.

Trips that I would like to do in the future are in the area of Mount Tinniswood, some North Island multi-destination extravaganza, and some more adventures in the Chilliwack Valley.

Trip Reports Insert
42 2017.08.18 A two night trip to the Emma Lake hut
5 2017.08.18 Emma Lake
47 2015.06.06 Warden Peak on Short Notice
36 2013.06.29 Folly on Bears Folly
49 2012.07.27 Asgard from Mulvey Basin
36 2011.08.01 Gander River Canoe Trip
59 2009.08.15 Rugged day, Rugged Mountain
59 2009.03.14 Climb of Gros Morne in Winter
27 2009.02.14 Winter Climb on Kelly's Mountain with a Two Step Ending
39 2006.05.09 Blow-Me-Down (in spring)
29 2006.03.14 Blow-Me-Down (in winter)
Photo Essays Insert
4 2010.06.13 Bugaboos from Jet at 10,000 Metres
10 2009.08.15 Haihte Range: Merlon, Ya'ai, and Haihte Peaks
4 2009.05.18 Butter Pot Mountain (North Side)
6 2009.05.18 Butter Pot from the Southeast (with Style)
9 2009.03.14 Old Crow as Seen from James Callaghan Trail
17 2009.03.14 Gros Morne in Winter
9 2006.05.09 Bay of Islands Blow-Me-Down
10 2006.05.09 Murray Mountains
8 2006.05.09 Round Hill
9 2001.07.28 Gaff Topsail
8 2001.07.28 Foretopsail Hill and Main Topsail

Road Bulletins
7 2017.08.18 Washout at 4.14 km G51.6 Emma Lake Branch
7 2015.06.06 Road in good condition W380
12 2012.08.01 Bannock FSR just 2wd driveable Bannock FSR
5 2006.05.09 Hiked part way up to get to Blow Me Down Blow Me Down Trail
4 2001.07.27 Drove this road to Howley Highway 401
5 2009.03.14 Used trail to get to summit James Callaghan Trail

Equipment Reviews Insert
2 Stihl MS 192T Chainsaw
2 Primus 96 Stove (Historic Kerosene Stove)

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