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David Henry
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
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A picture of myself near the summit of Mount Elkhorn, Strathcona Provincial
Park, Vancourver Island, B.C.
I am a "natural" Albertan, having been born and raised in this beautiful area. I first had my introduction to the mountains through hunting and camping, which eventually turned into a passion for hiking, backpacking and then climbing. I now spend many weekends and vacations both exploring the foothills and climbing in the Rocky Mountains. My goal is to always have a good time and come back safe. Luckily I have many excellent hiking and climbing partners who have always made the mountains a special place.
Trip Reports Insert
39 2007.08.11 Hooker Icefield Expedition
71 2006.05.01 Fairweather Mountain : Living in the Clouds
48 2005.08.21 Mount Unwin - Canoe and NE Face Climb
Feature Photos Insert
3 2008.06.13 Looking Down on Camp 3 on Mount Logan
11 2008.06.13 Mount Logan Descent (And Mount Saint Elias)
6 2008.06.12 Viewing East Peak while descending from Mount Logan summit
11 2008.06.12 Normand Begin on the Summit of Logan
10 2008.06.12 The Final Pinnacle of Mount Logan Main Summit
11 2008.06.11 Mount Logan West Peak and East Peak
3 2008.06.06 Camp 2 Mount Logan King Trench
17 2008.06.06 King Peak
6 2008.05.28 King Trench, Queen Peak, and King Peak from the Air
9 2007.08.17 Mount Hooker and Hooker Icefield from East
6 2007.08.15 Mount Kane

Road/Trail Bulletins
3 2005.08.01 Sawback Lake trail Sawback Lake Trail
3 2004.08.01 North Cascade to North Fork Pass North Cascade River Trail
3 2004.08.01 Panther River trail to North Fork Pass Upper Panther River Trail

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