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Andrew Rennie #1569
(North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)  
nothing finer than being on a summit under bluebird skies
I've found it impossible to take for granted where I live and how lucky I am that I became a climber, and above all, the number of amazing people I've met in my 15 years involved in climbing. I hope to help provide info so that others may have similar awesome adventures!

So I've tried to make the best contribution I can here, trying to describe routes or places that there isn't much info on this site about, and trying to be as accurate as possible. Feel free to email me if you want any more info about anything and I'll do my best to help you out. Cheers

Trip Reports Insert
30 2005.02.27 North Nesakwatch Spire - North Ridge Winter Solo
41 2005.02.23 Caspar Creek Ski Trip: An Ascent of Mount Duke
38 2002.08.09 Crown Mountain, Widowmaker Arete
Feature Photos Insert
7 2005.07.26 Miles From Ordinary
9 2005.07.20 View North from the Summit of Red Tusk
7 2005.07.16 Mount Ossa's North Face
10 2005.07.06 North Nesackwatch Spire North Ridge
10 2005.07.01 Mount Roach's North Ridge
8 2005.07.01 Mount Roach's Northeast Face
4 2005.06.12 Joffre's South Side from Matier's Standard Route
3 2005.06.04 Upper Northeast Ridge of Sloan
9 2005.03.14 Foley Peak from the North
19 2005.03.14 The Northeast Face of Welch Peak
7 2005.02.24 Going Up. . . to the Duke-Vantage col

Road/Trail Bulletins
3 2005.06.04 2wd, in nice shape Ault Creek Road

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