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Klaus Haring #153
(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)  
Returning from Mt Vic via unnamed peak in background early Sept 1993
The intrepid Klaus Haring was born in Austria at the end of WW 2, and grew up in the town of Salzburg (See the 1960 Classic Film "Sound of Music"). Came to Canada as a young man, taking the Canadian Pacific Railway train "The Canadian" across the country from Montreal to Vancouver. Worked at BC Hydro for over 30 years. One of his first big trips upon reaching Vancouver was a 16 day traverse of Garibaldi Park, one of the highlights of which was a starvation diet, before emerging at Allouette Lake.

Over the years, Klaus has done hundreds of trips, most often solo, into obscure parts of the mountains - not necessarily brand name peaks, but often going into areas and routes that have not received much if any traffic. In addition, served for many years as a volunteer guide with the Alpine Club of Canada, for which he was awarded the prestigious "Silver Rope" award. He has also served as chief guide on many private trips in BC and often as trip leader for the Vancouver Section of the Alpine Club.

Klaus is known to have extensive notes concerning the locations of many items of strategic mountaineering interest such as logging roads, etc. He is also known to study weather reports endlessly, and to not budge from his house unless weather looks good. Klaus is currently retired from BC Hydro and engaged in his lifetime occupation of world travel and climbing.

Trip Reports Insert
50 2019.10.30 A Hike to Lookout Mountain near Mount Baker
46 2019.08.04 Hike to Huntoon Point and Table Mountain
37 2019.07.26 A short climb of Ledge Peak NE Ridge
40 2019.07.13 Devils Peak from Seymour Valley
32 2019.06.10 An easier Way to Dinkey Peak
41 2019.05.28 Viewing the New Face of Joffre
38 2019.05.19 The hard way to Dinkey Peak
41 2019.05.06 Discovering Kennedy Falls
34 2019.04.15 Climbing Mount Fromme South Spur
47 2018.12.05 Hiked abbreviated Diez Vista Loop
42 2018.11.17 Hike to Little Horn
Feature Photos Insert
9 2019.10.30 Groat Mountain from North
10 2019.10.30 Twin Sisters and Grouse Butte
6 2019.10.30 Disappeared Glaciers on Heliotrope Ridge
6 2019.08.31 West Slopes of Mount David Douglas
12 2019.08.29 Distant Florida Peak
7 2019.08.09 Dancing Lady Mountain in Montana
8 2019.08.09 Calf Robe Mountain
9 2019.08.04 Huntoon Point and Mount Shuksan
8 2019.07.26 Thumb Spire from the west
9 2019.07.26 Mount Thomas from the north.
9 2019.07.26 SE slopes of Vistamount

Road/Trail Bulletins
6 2019.11.03 New construction Howe Sound Crest Trail - South
6 2019.10.27 Bills Trail in good condition Mount Fromme Trail
10 2019.10.30 Hiked to end NF-011
10 2019.10.30 Inserted road after hiking it NF-012 Lookout Mountain Road
12 1997.08.01 Revised waypoints Stein Valley Trail - Section 3
10 2019.09.27 Prominent landmark triple tree Upper Perimeter Trail
6 2019.09.04 Trail very busy to St Marks Howe Sound Crest Trail - South
10 2019.08.04 Inserted Trail after hiking it Table Mountain Trail
6 2019.07.08 Good condition Petgill Lake Trail
6 2019.06.12 Mount Harvey trail free of snow Harvey SW Ridge Trail
6 2019.06.12 Pay parking in effect again, expensive! Harvey Creek Spur

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