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Andrew Wong #152
(North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
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Life Beyond Tennis: Brandywine Mtn, South Ridge, 1999
Now approaching middle age, it's time to update the story for you young'uns. I started hiking in 1993, a bug sparked by various friends and the North Shore Hikers. Always with a camera in hand, I usually found the journey more interesting than hitting summits. Since photography and speedy hiking are mutually exclusive, I eventually dropped out of club trips and struck out on my own.

In the late 1990s, Paul Kubik (name dropping) mentioned Bivouac to me. Its decidely quirky/seriously outdated user interface hid a treasure trove of useful data and information. To me, it's still the best backcountry database anywhere. Editing and improving its road database satisfies my obsessive compulsive nature.

In the summer I hike. In the winter, I snowshoe. Thoughts of backpacking, mountaineering, skiing, and other serious backcountry adventures are tempered by my preference for hot and cold running water, fear of heights, and a slightly bum knee.

Constant obsessions: keeping the Sigurd Trail clear of salmonberry, wondering how to keep the Athelney Pass route viable, film photography.

Trip Reports InsertFeature Photos Insert
4 2015.03.28 Kalkalilh Caldera
5 2013.07.07 Limelight Creek
8 2012.10.25 Dione South Face
5 2012.10.25 Jim Haberl Hut and Serratus Mountain
4 2012.08.12 Stress testing the Sigurd Creek footbridge v2.0
3 2011.06.12 High Falls Trail - Upper viewpoint of High Falls Creek
3 2011.03.20 Paul Ridge and Round Mountain
4 2010.09.24 Sentinel Range and Nonda Creek Valley
4 2010.09.24 Mount Saint George from Summit Lake
4 2010.08.22 Wedgemount Glacier Changes - Ice Cavern at Toe (2010)
3 2010.08.22 Wedgemount Glacier Changes from Wedgemount Lake (2010)

Road/Trail Bulletins
3 2018.09.17 Brush cut back to the lake Petgill Lake Trail
1 2018.09.18 Trail closed for the season Into the Mystic
2 2018.09.18 Trail closed for the season Hanging Lake Summer Trail
1 2018.09.18 Trail closed for the season With A Twist
2 2018.09.18 Trail closed for the season Lord of the Squirrels
2 2018.09.13 Trail closed for the season Nineteen Mile Creek Trail
2 2018.09.13 Trail closed for the season Screaming Cat Lake Trail
2 2018.09.07 Skywalk Trail closed due to bear encounters Skywalk North Trail
2 2018.09.07 Skywalk Trail closed due to bear encounters Skywalk South Trail
2 2018.08.15 Road closed @ Cerulean Creek (15.5km) July 15-Oct 31, 2018 Birkenhead River Road
2 2018.08.15 Lillooet South FSR closed at 2km from April 1-June 15 and Sept 16-Nov 30, 2018 Overseer Main - Section 1

Equipment Reviews Insert
4 Florian 7" folding saw curved blade
1 ICOM IC-F3011 VHF two-way radio
1 Motorola RDU4103 two-way radio
G3 240 Tech Avalanche Probe

General Articles Insert
6 BCMC 2007 Centenary Celebrations
3 Rick Collier killed in climbing incident
3 Leaf-Tracking Websites
2 New website for BC snowpack and weather data
1 Halvor Lunden, In Memoriam
1 Squamish Nation Buys TFL 38 from Interfor
Fred Beckey, passing of a legend
BC Off Road Vehicle registration begins November 17, 2014
BC Resource Road radio channels
BC Parks reduces park services for 2009
Recall notice for Maxim Pinnacle and Maxim Apogee climbing ropes

Discussions Insert
BC Ministry of Transportation Sea-to-Sky Highway Open House
Car vandalism and theft at trailheads
Change to Cypress Mountain Backcountry Access
Garibaldi Park lecture by Dr. Bob Turner on Sept. 27
Garibaldi Provincial Park Management Plan amendment open house
Heli-Skiing in the Tantalus?
Looking for Hiking Clubs in Italy
Mount Outram Summit Register - Who Archives It?
Mt Outram Trail Maintenance Day
Natural Resources Canada to stop printing maps?
Serratus Closes