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Don Serl #142
(vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)  
Don Serl, July 2, 2005 on Stryen Creek trail returning from Mount Roach Photo
R. Tivy
When asked to give a quick summary so that people might know something about him, Don replied with only one word "climber". It seemed to come fairly naturally at the time. Certainly most would agree that he's well on his way to earning that esteemed title. Don Serl has been a household word in the BC Coast mountains for the past 25 years, with extensive climbing experience both in BC, the Himalayas and around the world.
Trip Reports Insert
34 2006.09.24 Mount Sloan Northeast Ridge
47 2005.07.01 Hobo's Way (the North Ridge of Mount Roach)
35 2004.06.17 Cairn Peak from Pocock Creek (East)
16 2003.06.27 Truax North Ridge Recce
13 null Friendly Peak Climbing Routes
Feature Photos Insert
7 2006.08.02 The Infamous "Gap" on the East Ridge of Mount Merriam.
5 2006.08.02 The Upper East Ridge of Mount Merriam
10 2006.07.24 Summit Panorama from Mount Kese
5 2006.07.24 Mount Kese Summit Panorama
9 2006.07.24 Glasgow Mountain from Glasgow Lakes
5 2005.01.30 Skihist Map with Routeline Overlays
14 2002.10.26 Crazy Mtn, Paymaster couloir: more of why we climb ice in the autumn
9 2002.10.26 Crazy Mtn, Paymaster couloir: why we climb ice in the autumn
9 2002.09.22 Mount Winstone North Face

Road/Trail Bulletins
3 2008.08.15 Talc Creek road open Talc Creek N Road
2 2007.10.27 no lock on gate, road good to 10km Sumallo River Road
3 2006.11.11 Road destroyed between Taseko Lodge and Beece Ck Taseko Lake Road Section 3
3 2006.09.24 New spur gives better access to Plutus Peak Crazy Creek FSR
2 2006.09.24 Ault Ck road now water-barred. Ault Creek Road
2 2005.11.19 Deep, trashy, heavy snow Needle Peak Trail
2 2005.08.27 trimming and flagging Statlu Lake Trail
3 2005.06.30 Hiked up to near end of west fork Stryen Creek Trail
3 2005.03.14 Flat Creek spur (Lucky Four mine trail) in good shape to 15km parking Jones Lake Road
2 2005.02.26 No snow and good condition to 960m Williamson Creek Road
3 2004.07.16 Seton Ridge Trail Update Seton Ridge Trail

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